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7. Make Chloe a giant

6. Try size mode on her

5. Your friend Chloe

4. The mall

3. Jason McCormick, 18

2. Reality-Altering Laser Katana

1. The Drafting Board

Giant Chloe

on 2021-04-29 04:04:39

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You wondered what Chloe would be like if she was bigger. You were only average height, around 5'9", but Chloe was positively tiny, only around 5'2". But the Katana could change that.

Carefully, you lifted up her T-shirt, and plunged the sword into her stomach. Slowly, you turned the sword clockwise, and as you did, Chloe was getting bigger, like an object being manipulated in Photoshop. You turned the sword until she was eye level with you.

But that wasn't enough. You turned it further, and now she towered over you at 7 feet tall.

You looked up at the ceiling. It was quite high, and perhaps Chloe could still fit in here at around 10 feet tall. You pulled the sword out of her stomach and after you observed the neon orange wound healing up, you then stuck the sword into one of her bare legs, and turned it clockwise again, only stopping when her navel was eye-level with you.

Pulling the sword out, you pressed the red button, and time restarted.

"So, what were you planning to do?" Chloe asked, as if nothing had happened.

You craned you neck to look up at Chloe, who was now twice her original size. Strangely, she was still rather cute at this height.

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