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12. Time for school

11. Feminist Revenge

10. Who will Win?

9. Double or nothing

8. Jon the Goth girl

7. Three

6. Dice roll

5. Dice

4. Goth+Cleaning+Sexy=

3. Zoe's Chance to Be Normal Agai

2. Sister and the power of a bet

1. You Are What You Wish

Betting: Time for school

on 2021-04-28 02:35:45
Episode last modified by Darkangel on 2021-05-13 22:47:58

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Jon stood want watch Zoe walk out the door.

Thinking to him, now herself. ‘Ok, fuck, that turn so bad so quickly.” Jon carefully walked to the mirror hanging in the living room. Taking small steps as he tried to get accustomed to the new footwear. After a few wabbly steps he finally reached his goal and was able to take a look at his new complexion.

The first thing she noticed beside how tiny she felt verse his prior size was how he looked similar to the alt or suicide girls he usually followed on Instagram. She looked sexy in a very bad girl vibe type of way. Someone who would be into some adventitious type of things. She went to reach up to touch her breasts to explore for the first time but was disappointed when there was an interruption of someone knocking on the front door.

She gingerly walk to the front door opening it, noticing it was Karen.

Karen with her new boobs stood in the doorway notice a small petite goth girl.

“Um hi, I’m Karen, Jon friend. Are you Zoe new friend? Replied he his best friend.

Jon looked at Karen and sighed. “Its me Karen, I Jon. I kind of lost a bet with the rock”

“What the hell, Jon what happened to you? You a girl!!!!!! Karen laughing continue to study Jon’s new appearance.

“It Joy now.” Jon repied rolling her eyes. “I kind of made a wish that Zoe had special powers that would changes to reality based on the result of bets with her.”
Karen giggle and replied “I am assuming you won?

Jon just gave Karen the stink eye and said nothing.

Karen grabbed Jon new smaller hand and pulled the tiny girl out the door. “Come on we are going to be late for school, you can fill me in as we go.”

As they walked to school Jon went over the last few beats and their outcome.

Karen jumped in and told Jon “You should have quite when you were ahead” Still amused by the current events.

As they walked Karen took pity on her new smaller girl friend and give her advice on how-to walk-in heels.

Jon not knowing it the sickness she was feeling in her gut was due to how tight her corset was, or Zoe’s task decide to tell her friend about Zoe final bet.

“OMG you have turn on five guy!!!!!” Screamed Karen!

“Shhhh” replied Jon and he reached her small hands over Karen’s month. “I don’t want the world to know.”

Karen remembers something she noticed when she made her 1st wish replied. “Well, this serves you right. Don’t think I did not notice your re-action to my wish. I saw how you stared at my new breast.” As they almost reached the school she continued “why didn’t you just wish yourself out of this mess?

Jon looked at Karen “Damnit, why didn’t I think of that. I left the rock in my bedroom” as she looked at her defeated.

Karen just looked at her new girlfriend as they reach the school and told her. “Come on Joy you can do this. Just flirt a bit and you will be back to normal.” she continued talking while smiling “Unless you want to be Zoe maid.”

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