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11. Feminist Revenge

10. Who will Win?

9. Double or nothing

8. Jon the Goth girl

7. Three

6. Dice roll

5. Dice

4. Goth+Cleaning+Sexy=

3. Zoe's Chance to Be Normal Agai

2. Sister and the power of a bet

1. You Are What You Wish

Betting: Feminist Revenge

on 2021-04-24 00:15:25
Episode last modified by Darkangel on 2021-05-13 22:45:23

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Zoe just smiled, as she stared at her new gothic sister. “Before you wanted me to be a sexy 20 year old goth maid for the family for a week, I did not forget how far you wanted to push it. Do you think women are only good for cleaning or being a sex symbol? I feel like you do not respect women. Boys like you do not understand what its like walk in our shoes.

Laughing as she looks down at Jon new high heels boots

Zoe continued smirking “Or should I say heels, huh Joy.”

Jon feeling that he was catch with his hand in the cookie jar responded; looking down, embarrassing not wanting to look Zoe in the eye. “Fine, I get it. I took it too far.”

Zoe respond “Ok you want triple or nothing. If you can complete my task by the end of the day you can return to normal, but if I win you have to be my goth maid for two weeks.

Joe immediately just trying to get out of this predicament responded. “Fine it’s a deal, what do I have to do?

Zoe just stared as he smaller purpled hair sister, responding “I still don’t think you understand what women go through or even what its like being a goth. Teacher treated me like I was a troublemaker and felt like an outcast as school. No one wanted to talk to the loner and no guys gave me any time of day. You don’t understand what it was like. In fact your male ego mentality is the root caused for the inequality women face today”

Jon shifted his stance and tap his left boot as he stood there listen to his sister, like a mom scolding her child. He responded “I am sorry, ok”

Zoe chuckled before replying “I am sure you will be sorry. I feel like you need to understand what women go through. I have a simple task for you my new dear sister. One that will teach what women go through, so you never treat someone like a sex object. It actually pretty simple and you are cute enough that is should not be that hard.”

“Huh, what that?” replied Jon

Zoe with an eye glint in her eye continued “All you need to do Joy, its to make 5 guys hard” Laughing Zoe continued” You need to make 4 student and 1 teach get an erection today.“

Jon just stare at his sister his lips now open like a fish out of water, unable to close his new purple colored lips.

Zoe turned around and walked to the door, saying as she walk to the door. Well I guess I should know later today if I don’t have to clean my room tomorrow. Good luck Joy. It should be too hard."

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