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10. Who will Win?

9. Double or nothing

8. Jon the Goth girl

7. Three

6. Dice roll

5. Dice

4. Goth+Cleaning+Sexy=

3. Zoe's Chance to Be Normal Agai

2. Sister and the power of a bet

1. You Are What You Wish

Betting: Zoe rolls a 2

on 2021-04-22 11:40:36
Episode last modified by Darkangel on 2021-05-12 10:21:29

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Zoe grabs the dice again and rolls it on the table.

"Damn a two" Cursed Zoe.

Jon yelled "Yessss!!!!!!, This should be easy, not more being a stupid goth girl"

Garbing the dice Jon throws it forcefully on the table, Landing on a one.

"Fuck, now way" Jon cursed.

Zoe laugh then smirked, commenting. So goth are stupid, huh Joy?

Lets see how you like being a fetish goth.

Jon felt the the room was getting bigger as he shrunk down to 5ft. His tall platform boots, suddenly lost a but of the platform but gain a high heels, raising his height to be 5ft 5 Inches. Still two inches smaller than Zoe. His PVC pants morphed into a a short PVC Skirt. The long sleeve shirt lose the mesh turning it into a long leather blouse. The purple highlights expanded tuning his entire hair purple. He felt a collar appear on his neck and a wax substance on his lips. Worst of all a blue and black pvc corset top appears over his leather blouse.

Jon gasped for air as he felt the corset getting tighter. Tighter and tighter the corset seemed to tighten until he his waist was now 4 inches smaller.

"Please what about triple or nothing" begged Jon

"Sorry Joy, no more bets until you complete my task" Said Zoe with an evil glint in her eye

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