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9. Double or nothing

8. Jon the Goth girl

7. Three

6. Dice roll

5. Dice

4. Goth+Cleaning+Sexy=

3. Zoe's Chance to Be Normal Agai

2. Sister and the power of a bet

1. You Are What You Wish

Betting: Double or nothing

on 2021-04-17 01:59:57
Episode last modified by Darkangel on 2021-05-12 09:05:57

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"Hey this is not fair, I dont want to be a goth" yelled Joy

Zoe could not contain her self and just laughed at Jon; Now Joy situation.

"Double or nothing" yelled Joy, trying to get back to normal.

Zoe let out another chuckle, "Why would i do that, I am finally free of that corset".

"Please begged Joy"

Zoe smirked, "Fine 1 dice each higher roll wins, if you win, you can turn back into Jon, but if I win, I get to choice what type of goth you become and you need to complete a task of my choosing"

"Deal" replied Joy shacking Zoe's hand.

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