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10. Training

9. Fetish Goth

8. Zoe get's started

7. Jon is Chad's new Girlfriend

6. Zoe's Proposal

5. Zoe's Boyfriend Dumps Her

4. What's Wrong?

3. Zoe's In Trouble?

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish


on 2021-04-17 02:12:03

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Zoe then spends the next hour teaching Jon about being a fetish goth.

1.How they like the edgy, kinky types of clothing, like leather corsets or fishnet
2. Enjoy music or bands with a sexual theme in some of their songs
3. Comfortable with your sexuality
4. Love shiny PVC or Latex clothes
5. Enjoy the feelings on being on the edge
6. You have a strong fetish or like of BDSM

"Can't you loosen the corset?" Begged Jon as he walked back in forth trying to get used to his new high heeled boots

Zoe replied smiling "No Jon we still have another inch to go before we leave"

Zoe looked at Jon with puppy dog eyes. "Please you promised to help me get back at Chad, This would mean the world to me, It only 1 night"

Jon just looked at Zoe and gave in to helping his sister. "Ok sis, you win, lets humiliate this scumbag" replied Jon " Tell me more about him"

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