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9. Fetish Goth

8. Zoe get's started

7. Jon is Chad's new Girlfriend

6. Zoe's Proposal

5. Zoe's Boyfriend Dumps Her

4. What's Wrong?

3. Zoe's In Trouble?

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

Fetish Goth

on 2010-01-15 22:30:02

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We need to make you perfectly compatible with Chad and he is especially attracted to Fetish Goths, lucky for you again, he got me a nice fetish goth outfit as a gift, I wore it once, but its really not my style, and if you're wearing it, it should drive him wild. Zoe returned to her closet and came out with some really tall, leather, heeled, boots.

Zoe unstrapped them and said "lets start with these" slipping them onto Jon's feet, Jon tottered on the at-least 4 inch heels of the boots, as Zoe, strapped them tight again.

"You'd better learn to walk in those quick, there's a party at the Spiked Pit tonight in two hours, Chad is definitely gonna be there, when he sees you he'll fall in love.

Zoe returned to the closet, with what looked like to Jon a large tube made of plastic, He got me this dress too, I hate wearing Latex, you'll love it though, Fetish goths wear Latex all the time.

Jon could only resign himself to Zoe's will and lifted his arms so she could slide the dress over him and adjusted it for him. it fit snugly over his breasts and only fell to his mid-thigh.

Noticing this Zoe, said, oh I forgot we are gonna need to shave your legs. She removed his Boots and proceeded to spend 20 minutes shaving his legs clean. Then Boots went back on she did his makeup, lots of white with black accents, and lastly did his nails black as well.

"Alright now we have to practice walking and going over the plan, we have just over and hour til we leave.

Jon could only nod.

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