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19. Don't call me Timmy

18. Overnight Backpacking

17. The Next Day

16. That Night

15. Back to Camp

14. Cleaning Up

13. Sorting it out

12. Tim chooses

11. Next up... Sarah and Maddie

10. David's First

9. May is pissed


7. A trap door

6. Later

5. Getting Settled

4. Team Meeting

3. Wilderness Camp

2. Camp Yuthokeca

1. The Drafting Board

Don't call me Timmy

on 2021-04-01 01:11:00

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Tim heard the machine finish counting down as the sparks and light once again filled his vision through his pods doors. Peering out he felt the groups full attention on him as his body began to feel the sensation of static tingle throughout his entire body.

"Well this is different." He thought as this time instead of sensation centering on his head it grew across his entire body. He felt as though his body was filling... pushing against its current confines. First it was on his head, though not as last time where he felt it inside his skull. No this time he felt as if someone was pulling at his hair, and pulling hard. He winced in pain, but as grew accustomed to it he noticed that his pectorals felt as if someone was pushing on them.... from the inside. Pushing, pushing, pushing as if his body would give way.... and it was. He could tell it was. Though this pushing sensation was across all reaches of his body the concentrated effort was on his chest. Now that he considered it his whole body was pushing against his skin trying to escape the confines it was held to.... and Tim could tell it was succeeding. As he continued to strain against this feeling he became aware of a sensation that was welcome in the face of all this strain.... a pull. This one centered on his lower mid-section and groin. He felt it a relief that although his body felt as though it was fighting against this foreign force not all of him was succumbing.

After what felt like hours of pushing across his body from the soles of his feet to the top of his head the tingling seemed to slow and the force retreated. He believe that the ordeal was complete and the torture was finished. That was.... until the relief too turned to pain. The pulling in his groin turned from an un-intrusive thought to crushing agony. He cried out, though all he could hear was the high pitch of an echoing cry from the neighboring pod. "I hope Jenny is alright" he thought though he knew she was the cause of his current situation he didn't blame her. "It wasn't like this last time" He thought as he felt as though his groin was being ripped inside of him. And finally... it all came to an end.

The door through themselves open as smoke billowed out from behind them. Tim tried to to take a deep breath only to inhale the smoke and begin coughing. The high pitched sound of a girl coughing also joined his ears as a deeper tone seemed more distant. As he hacked away he felt a weight swing from his chest and hair drape his arms.

"HO-" David started.

"-LY" May continued.

"SHIT" Sarah finished.

"What? Did something go........" Tim stopped. That.... that couldn't be his, "Wrong" The voice finished. The high pitched voice finished. He brushed the hair out of his eyes... and he felt it, his hair. He grabbed at the weight on his chest and he squeezed... and was squeezed. "No.... no... no... she didn't..." Tim muttered as a grasp at his crotch brought new sensations he'd never felt before. Feelings that proved what he hoped not to be the case.

"Dude...." David interrupted confirming his suspicions. "You're a chick."

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