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2. Wicked Science

1. The Forum

Wicked Science

on 2012-10-28 09:15:59

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I just finished watching season 1 of a Tv show called wicked science. Decent show, but what really struck me were the characters. The main guy is a lot like Jon, his best friend is very kayn-like and the villians kinda have a Sarah and Biff vibe.

It felt so familiar, you could almost see the wishing stone (portrayed by super science) being passed from side to side as the story branched back and forth.

No TG, oddly enough. At least, not in season 1. There is some shrinking, but most of its fetish truly comes from the higher science end of it all.

Anyway, I now have a mental picture of Jon now. Yay.

Totally check it out.

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