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17. The Next Day

16. That Night

15. Back to Camp

14. Cleaning Up

13. Sorting it out

12. Tim chooses

11. Next up... Sarah and Maddie

10. David's First

9. May is pissed


7. A trap door

6. Later

5. Getting Settled

4. Team Meeting

3. Wilderness Camp

2. Camp Yuthokeca

1. The Drafting Board

The Next Day

on 2020-12-29 03:42:29

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Tim woke up the next day to a yelp and a crash next to him. "OWW!! FUCK!!" He turned towards the noise to see a short boy grasping his knee on the floor. He took a moment as he remembered all the events of the previous day. "Holy shit that wasn't a dream."

"YA DON'T SAY!" David got out while wincing in pain. "Fucking floor was a lot farther away than I expected it to be. Can't wait till we get back to normal."

"I wouldn't get your hopes up for that one. I've got a feeling that things are gonna be weird for a while. You gonna be ok?" Tim asked.

"Yea should be fine just banged my knee up. Lets go take a shower." David said getting to his feet slowly and gathering a change of clothes and shower supplies as Tim followed his lead out the door. The
showers were communal located in the center of the cabin area. As they entered the building they reached a dressing room first with bathroom stalls and sink along with an area to store and change their clothes. After placing their stuff they walked through a doorway to the showers. To both their dismay it was an open area with simple dividers providing minimal privacy. The showers themselves provided lukewarm at best water and little pressure or water volume behind them and caused the process to take a bit longer than either boy would have liked. There were a few other campers there as well but all seemed to act with the same understanding that they would go about their business as quickly as possible. After they finished they quickly got changed trying to avoid seeing the others junk and when finished gathered their belongings and left.

"Hey guys! Hopefully your showers are better than ours." Sarah said coming out and joining them from her own shower.

"Depends... you guys got hot water?" David asked.

"Oh yea piping hot and multiple pressure settings." she sarcastically replied. They continued to gripe about the accommodations back to the cabin where they met up with Penny and Maddie and headed off to breakfast. As they sat at their table they saw May duck under the doorway into the mess hall, gather her food, and quickly join her.

"Well guys make sure you eat up cause we got a long day ahead of us." May remarked as she joined them.

"Duh we gotta fix Jenny and keep working on that machine." Maddie said.

"Sure, but again can't do anything about it until 24 hours are up which means we can't do anything about it till after noon." She responded as she filled her mouth with food. "Which means until then you gotta keep up appearances and do what you guys came here to do, be campers."

"How can we do that knowing what we know now?! I mean we can't right?" Jenny said unsurely.

"Yea!" David agreed "I mean look at me I'm practically a midget now. Someone's bound to notice."

"Nobody here knows any of you guys enough to tell if you're acting out." May dismissed. "As long we keep doing what's expected of us we can experiment with that machine to the fullest. We might hit a few hiccups... and some people may end up in situations that they won't be especially comfortable with but its gonna be fine. Besides who knows you might enjoy being a midget given enough time." The rest of the group looked at each other and slowly accepted that what she had said was mostly true, and none of them wanted to pass up the opportunities the lab presented. May scarfed down the rest of her food and looked at them again. "Good to see we're on the same page. There's gonna be a camp meeting after this to lay out some of the events they got planned for you though I know what the first one is gonna be and we might want a trip to the cabin before hand."

"Why what's the first thing thing we got?" Sarah excitedly asked as May smiled and responded.

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