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18. Drew: off the hook

17. Drew: Company

16. Drew: Truth or Dare

15. Drew realizes

14. Ladies night

13. One of the girls

12. The Appartment

11. A Surprise Awaits

10. Maybe Not...

9. Jerseys

8. Competing

7. Executive Suites

6. Drew Tells Kate

5. The Next Morning

4. The Storm Hits

3. Going to Work

2. Drew the College Student

1. Altered Fates

Drew: off the hook

on 2020-12-24 20:35:45

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Drew just blinked numbly at Kayla. Kate spoke first, "I'm not sure I'm comfortable with this dare. Can we do another?"

"Kevin, you are guest in our home. We don't mean to make you feel uncomfortable. I'm sure Kayla just thought it would make you and D closer, right Kayla?"

"That's exactly right Kelly. I just figured as a guy you'd be excited to get closer to your crush. Maybe you two can just kiss instead?"

Kevin looked at Drew, who looked relieved but still nervous. She felt guilty about the situation Drew was in. "What do you think D?"

"...I'll do it," said Drew leaning towards Kevin.

"Hold your horses D. I'd like to give you and Kevin some privacy. You can go into my room before you kiss. D seems a little shy and maybe it'll go better without the audience," said Kayla getting up. She gestured that the two should follow her. She walked into her room and told the two to make themselves comfortable. Kayla put her ipad mini out on the bed, saying she and Kelly would need proof. She then left the room, closing the door behind her.

"Better a kiss than the other option, right?" asked Kate nervously.

"Yea... Let's get this over with, huh?"

"Yea, let's do this."

The two sat on the end of the bed getting close.

"Not the way I thought our first kiss would be, Kate. I was picturing something after a bit of skating at the rink, a mock routine or something. We would be breathing a bit heavy after I would lean in to kiss you."

"That's really romantic, Drew. Maybe we can do that once we get back into the rink. In the mean time, we will have to make do. Kate picked up the Ipad and held it up. She leaned into Drew, and kissed him gently on the lips. Drew flinched as a man's lips pressed on his lips. After a split second, it was over.

"That wasn't so bad," said Drew.

"Liar," replied Kate. They got up and went to the door.

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