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17. Drew: Company

16. Drew: Truth or Dare

15. Drew realizes

14. Ladies night

13. One of the girls

12. The Appartment

11. A Surprise Awaits

10. Maybe Not...

9. Jerseys

8. Competing

7. Executive Suites

6. Drew Tells Kate

5. The Next Morning

4. The Storm Hits

3. Going to Work

2. Drew the College Student

1. Altered Fates

Drew: Company

on 2020-12-19 16:05:34
Episode last modified by ZamZam on 2020-12-20 14:43:57

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Cory held out the banana in front of Drew. Drew stared at it, and Cory waved it at him. Drew slowly put down his glass and held the banana like it was going to attack him.

"Come on D. It's not going to bite you. In fact, it's basically the opposite," encouraged Kelly.

"You start by opening the peel about halfway down," suggested Cory.

"Like you know, " replied Kayla.

He put the banana in his left hand and started to open the banana. After seeing the inside, he stopped.

"Bathroom break!" shouted Drew as he got up and went to the bathroom. He really did have to pee, but also wanted to not do anything with that banana. He pulled down the front of his pants and fumbled for a moment trying to find his penis. During his roaming around, he did part his vaginal lips and glanced his clit. After a quick shock, he remembered his situation and sat down, wondering what he should do while he was peeing. He couldn't change his mind, he couldn't change the dare. As he was finishing up he heard the doorbell go and Kelly talk to someone. Some male voices were going past the bathroom and towards the living room. Maybe the game would stop because of the new guests?

Drew stood up and pulled up his pants. He washed his hands and went to the living room, seeing Kate and David. Cory still didn't have her pants on. Kate looked at Drew and around the room, trying to convey something Drew didn't get.

"We are playing truth or dare guys. D was about to deep throat this banana," said Cory as she held up the partly peeled banana and waved it towards Drew. Kate's eye's went wide. Drew slowly went back to his spot on the couch, next to Kate and sat down. Cory give him the banana the moment his ample ass was touching the seat.

"Game on, D! The floor is yours." announced Cory.

"We don't have to keep playing," interjected Kate, "I'd be happy playing something else."

"I like where this is going, myself," said David.

"So, it looks like it is a go, since most of us want to keep going. I just wanted to spice it up a bit, so I invited them over, " said Kelly with a smile.

After a moment, Drew put the banana down, looking at Kate, and said, "I can't do it."

Kayla picked up the banana and peeled it halfway and gave it back to Drew, "That should make it easier. Just do what the girl did earlier. If not don't do it, you'll get a punishment."

Drew closed his eyes and brought the banana to his lips. Exhaling through his nose, he opened his lips and let the top of the banana in. Kate gasped next to him.

"You go girl!" yelled Kayla as Drew got halfway down the banana. He pulled it out of his mouth and stated, " Done."

"That was the worst blowjob ever," said Cory.

"But it counts, " declared Kelly, "now that we have more people, I think we should make it so whoever went last gets to challenge someone, what do you think?" There was a general murmuring of "sure."

"Cory, truth or dare."

"Dare, I'm no sissy."

"Give David a lap dance."

"Don't mind if I do," said Cory standing up and then grinding on David's lap. It only took a few seconds for David to have a tent in his pants. After a minute, Cory stopped and sat down.

"You are really good at that," said David.

"No shit, " replied Cory having some wine, "I'm going to pass on my turn because I have to use the head. Kelly, you can take my turn."

"Kevin, truth or dare?"


"Do you think Denise is pretty?"

"...Yes. She is really pretty," replied Kate as Kelly nodded her head knowingly.

"She's had a thing for you apparently, but she's been too shy to tell you."

"Really?" asked Kate turning to Drew.

"Yeah. I've liked you since the first day you started working at the rink. Why do you think I let you talk me into stuff?" said Drew. David's erection was now low enough that he could stand up. He went to the kitchen to get a beer from the fridge.

"D...Denise, truth or dare?"


"Do you want to go out with me after we get off the island?"

"Yes, I would really like that." said Drew. Kelly and Kayla said "awww" almost in unison. There were some noises in the kitchen, then a partial dressed David and Cory were kissing going down the hall and her door closed.

"Well, I guess they aren't playing anymore," said Kelly.

"Kayla, truth or dare?" asked Drew.


"I dare you to go into Cory's room and touch the tip of David's nose," challenged Drew over the moans coming from Cory's room. Kayla got up and walked to Cory's room. She opened the door causing Cory to yell, "What the fuck Kayla?" Kayla touched David's nose and left the room, closing the door behind her. Kayla went to her place on the floor and took a sip of wine, like nothing happened.

"D, truth or dare?"


"I dare you to give Kevin a blowjob."

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