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16. Drew: Truth or Dare

15. Drew realizes

14. Ladies night

13. One of the girls

12. The Appartment

11. A Surprise Awaits

10. Maybe Not...

9. Jerseys

8. Competing

7. Executive Suites

6. Drew Tells Kate

5. The Next Morning

4. The Storm Hits

3. Going to Work

2. Drew the College Student

1. Altered Fates

Drew: Truth or Dare

on 2020-12-19 14:14:22

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Kelly put down her phone and asked the room "Anyone up for some truth or dare? I think it'll really help us get to know eachother better, especially our new friend D."
The other two roommates said yes very quickly and Drew muttered sure, figuring what did he have to lose?
"I'll go first, " said Kayla, "D, truth or dare?"
"What's your favorite kind of wine?"
"Free wine!" yelled Drew holding up his glass and emptying the glass. Kelly topped him off.
"Fair answer, " declared Kelly
"My turn. Denise, truth or dare?" asked Kelly
"What's your favorite food?"
"Free food!"
"Sorry D, but you can't use that again," declared Kelly
"Fine. Probably a good steak place."
"Sound delish," said Kayla
"Cory, truth or dare?" asked Drew
"Were you joking about having a dildo?"
"Nope! I have 2 actually. Well, I guess 1 is a vibrator," answered Cory while sipping more wine, "How about you D?"
"I don't own anything like that."
"I didn't even have to ask truth or dare. Now D, truth or dare?" asked Cory.
"Why aren't you asking the others?" asked Drew
"Because we know a lot about eachother already. So, truth or dare?" replied Cory.
"Do you think your co-worker is cute?"
"Kate is pretty cute."
"You call him K? You must be close, if you have a nickname," said Kelly.
"We've been working together for a while. Did either of you ever make a move?" asked Kayla
"Na, I think we are both too shy. We're good friends. Wait, you didn't say truth or dare, I'm not answering more stuff," said Drew.
"I'm up again, D truth or dare?" asked Kelly.
"Stupid rules...truth."
"What's the naughtiest thing you've done in public?"
"Probably have sex in a park. It was under a dress. It was hard getting around my underwear, but it was worth it. We had to stay quiet to avoid attracting too much attention. It was hot," told Drew. He felt his nipples go hard thinking about it.
"Apparently it was, you still get off thinking about it," observed Cory.
"D, Truth or dare?" asked Kayla
"Wimp." muttered Cory.
"If you haven't sucked a dick, what's the grossest thing you've put in your mouth?" asked Kayla
"Probably spoiled food."
"That's pretty rated G."
"Cory, Truth or dare!" shouted Drew.
"Dare." Finally, thought Drew.
"Remove 4 articles of clothing." said Drew victoriously.
Cory took off her socks, then removed her bra without taking of her shirt. She paused for a moment before taking off her pants. "Now I'm ready for bed. Thanks D. Now it's my turn, since I was skipped. D, truth or dare?"
"Fuck it, dare." Cory went into the kitchen to grab something. She strutted back.
"I dare you to give this banana a blowjob."

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