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2. something bugging me...

1. The Forum

something bugging me

on 2012-10-01 19:56:32

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This is mostly unrelated so don't worry but I always try to keep it in mind when doing characters (with some failing) and its been in my head for months and months.

... does anyone else find it unsettling when characters are jerks for no reason? Giving people a hard time just for the sake of it, or just stomping on other characters 'because they deserve it'?

I've seen it in so much media lately (and it is increasingly common in tf media) and its just so weird. There is one particular comic I won't mention that feels so incredibly guilty of this to me. The weirdest part is that the vocal majority seems to actually consider such characters 'bad ass' or whatever... and that makes me even more unsettled.

Am I alone in this? Or... just crazy?

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