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2. Fitting Problems

1. You Are What You Wish

Fitting Problems

avatar on 2020-12-18 19:43:32

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When Jon got home that evening, he saw some shopping bags hanging from his bedroom door. "Great," he sighed to himself, "mom went clothes shopping again.

It was sort of a paradox for Jon. On the one hand, he hated going out clothes shopping. He hated the fitting rooms, he hated the exposure of walking through the store, he hated the tedium of sorting through racks. But, on the other hand, the alternative was this: Mom going out and buying whatever she thought he might like, and him not having any say. He'd try it all on, and if something didn't fit she'd return it, but otherwise Jon just kind of wore what was bought for him. So now, seeing the shopping bags, Jon knew that his job was to try everything on.

At least he could do it in the comfort of his own bedroom.

But, unlike most shopping hauls, nothing at all seemed to fit. A pair of jeans were too long. A polo shirt pinched in the underarm area. Just, every item was a little off. Normally that would mean everything has to go back. But then Jon would have to go through this whole process again, and he didn't want to do that.

But. Unlike most new-clothes days, on this day Jon had a solution. Unfortunately, as he reached for his new wishing stone to enact this solution, someone was close enough within earshot to hear him.

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