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8. Hive Mind Blake: Nearly Harmon

7. Hive Mind Blake: Sorting Himse

6. Hive Mind Blake: What to wear?

5. Hive Mind Blake MK II

4. Blake: Herself(s)?

3. One becomes two

2. Blake, an average guy

1. Altered Fates

Hive Mind Blake: Nearly Harmonized

on 2020-11-23 21:00:59

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Blake gained a better understanding of his situation, He was the mind behind both bodies, however each body was a girl with it's own instincts and strengths. Rachel was better at long term planning/puzzle solving and pattern recognition, while Brooke had slightly faster reflexes and hand-eye coordination.

When he first started playing the games, he talked what each body was seeing, not requiring as descriptive terms to get the needed information across, though he was still sloppy in the game. But as he started getting deeper into the game, he got a better feeling of how to control both bodies, it was like he was controlling a character with each hand. The longer he played the less he needed to talk in each body, the info one body needs coming via thought from the other.

Brooke started to feel hungry, so she paused the game and got up, while Rachel stretches from sitting. Rachel's stomach growls as she was stretching, no words were said as Blake switched to making two sandwiches as Brooke. After a few minutes both were eating their sandwiches, Rachel's being ham and cheese while Brooke's was turkey and lettuce, Blake always kept a variety of foods after learning that each body has it's preferences for food.

That wasn't exactly fun, eating some leftovers he would have normally enjoyed, but instead almost spit it back out, it took a few attempts to find something to eat the first few times.

Checking the time as they ate, he learned he had been playing for a few hours, no wonder he was hungry. After finishing their meal, Rachel un-paused the game, and kept playing for an hour more. At that point he was at a good point to stop for a while, as he exited the game he didn't feel that much different then when he had lunch. Yet he was positive that he wasn't all the way in control, like both his/her bodies could work in tandem better, but that there was a small barrier that he needed to break past.

Putting both Rachel's and Brooke's minds together, he tried to come up with a plan to fully unify this new hive mind of his, after a few minutes he...

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