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7. Hive Mind Blake: Sorting Himse

6. Hive Mind Blake: What to wear?

5. Hive Mind Blake MK II

4. Blake: Herself(s)?

3. One becomes two

2. Blake, an average guy

1. Altered Fates

Hive Mind Blake: Sorting Himself Out.

on 2020-10-31 10:30:10
Episode last modified by Shadon Dragon on 2020-10-31 21:21:06

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Blake sat both her bodies down to figure out how to keep both working, he closed both her bodies eyes as he focused on one topic. He thought over the possibility of leaving one body at home while another went to work, he felt like his brainpower was expanded, which in a sense it was. He could chase after a degree, or maybe he could pull some strings by using the medallion to fake a new identity for himself.

But first he needed to ground her 2 bodies. He started focusing on her Red haired self, breathing in and smelling the room, she could smell the faint whiff of his cologne, it smelled alluring, it smelled slightly different. She could feel her Brunette self fall from focus, she felt her mind contract in a sense. She could feel the sensory overload fade away as her Red senses come more into focus, her tight cotton shirt snugly fitting, she felt like all eyes should be on her, probably part of the mental change. She moved all her senses into a mental box, compartmentalizing all his red head self and senses into one thing.

Moving his focus from Red to Brown, she could feel her sense shift, her Brunettes body was a different build, before she didn't feel the differences well. She could feel her curly hair cascading down her back, the feeling of the synthetic shirt on her breasts, the feeling of the shorts on her thighs. Taking a deep breath, she smelled the room, it was different then in Red's body, more soothing then anything. She slid her hands up her arms and she felt the muscle definition, her brunette body clearly kept in shape, she felt more flexible then her red haired body, Brown probably practiced some sort of a sport like gymnastics.

He collected all the sensory input into a different box, he started to filter back in Red's sensory input box. The feeling from both bodies was different then before, he could feel both her bodies but they weren't overriding each other, he could tell which body was feeling what. He opened both his bodies eyes, her Brunette's Blue eyes meeting Red's Green eyes, he moved her Brunette self over to his desk as her Red haired self lying down and grabbing his tablet.

Her Brunette self looked at the clock on his desk, then thought 'Huh, it took us 30 minutes to sort ourselves out.' before turning to her Red haired self.

The two looked back at each other before he thought of something, speaking with his Red haired self, thinking allowed "We need to think of some names. We can't just keep thinking of ourselves by our hair color.".

Both her bodies started thinking, each one staring at the other, before his Red-haired self said without thinking "Brooke, you can be Brooke".

"Thanks and you can be Rachel" Brooke said without any thoughts hopping bodies.

"Thank you Brooke, it's a nice name" Rachel said, before both bodies started giggling. Blake was talking to himself yet it helped, it kept each bodies thoughts from crossing wires, he still psychically hears the thoughts, but it kept his thoughts ordered.

He moved both Brooke and Rachel over to his living room, to his gaming console. He set up a team work game to try out his new bodies coordination.

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