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10. Expertly done.

9. Keep an eye on my 'daughter'.

8. My "Daughter" comes downstairs

7. Headed downstairs.

6. Lives

5. My Father

4. Remote

3. Victoria Smith (2)

2. A Life Changed Forever

1. The Drafting Board

LCF: Expertly done.

on 2020-11-01 14:00:41

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(Originally by Stonefort28)

I expertly kept my distance just far enough so I could still see my “daughter” and her friends without them taking any notice. I kept moving from parking space to parking space, always making sure that she was in my sight. I pulled into a parking space and stopped when I saw the trio enter a diner, no doubt getting breakfast.

After about an hour I saw them again, leaving the diner. All three looked as happy as could be, but then I nearly cried when I saw a kiss on the lips between Russell and my "daughter." It made me sick knowing that the very boy I could never get was finally taken by my own father. Deciding that I would only get more upset I stopped following the group, instead I went into a nearby Pizzeria to get something to eat.

“What can I get you sir?” said the young woman at the counter. It still felt so weird when people called me mister or sir but I couldn’t change it. “Just a plain slice please” I said while taking out my wallet. After getting my piece of pizza all I could do was think about fuck up this new reality was. “I really screwed up” I said, putting my hand on my head, feeling my short hair. I then eat my slice and made my way back to my car and decide to just head home believe that all I could do was make myself more depressed if I stay out any longer.

After my short drive to my home I parked my car in the garage and made my way to the couch inside to get some much need relaxation.

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