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33. Susan and Alan - getting there

32. Susan and Alan - second trimes

31. Susan and Alan - rest of the f

30. Susan and Alan - first several

29. Susan and Alan - rest of the d

28. Susan and Alan - Failed the te

27. Susan and Alan - the big test

26. Susan and Alan - Medallion Fou

25. Susan and Alan - Getting home

24. Susan and Alan - porn

23. hotel?

22. Spa Day

21. waking up

20. Alan's turn to cause some misc

19. rest of the night - part 2

18. the rest of the night

17. After a long day

16. Long morning

15. that time

14. rest of the day

Susan and Alan - getting there

on 2020-10-09 23:48:22
Episode last modified by thisguy10101 on 2020-10-14 22:25:46

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Alan woke on the first day of week 28, and looked down at himself. When did he get so big? He put his hand on his belly and felt Sheila kick. He got up and rubbed his back. Another 12 weeks to go. He got up and waddled to the bathroom and started to get ready for his day. He was feeling well enough to drop off Scott sometimes and pick him up a few times a week. He'd been doing it for the last 4-5 weeks. They mainly talked about what they wanted to do with the baby came. Alan helped with Scott's homework too. The nursery was about done and they had most of what they needed. That didn't stop Susan's mom from planning a baby shower next month. Apparently, some traditions must be kept.
It was week 30 when Sam texted Alan that this week was a go. She was ready and her kids were with their father.
Sam came in with her usual bubbly, and Alan's sparkling grape juice. Susan excused himself as usual. They started Orange is the New Black. After 20 minutes, Alan texted Susan to come help with something.
"Alan, sweetie, can you give me a backrub?" asked Alan hopefully. Susan came over and started to give her husband shoulder and back rub while the episode was going. After a few minutes, she stopped.
"Alan, could you give one to my friend here? She's had a rough day."
Susan shrugged and said sure. She started to give Sam a massage
"That feels great Alan. Thanks for the help. I can feel the tension melting away."
"Glad I could help Sam."
"You have great hands, have you been practicing your massages on Susan?"
"Yep, as the pregnancy has been going along, she has more cramps and needs a little extra love."
"Who massages you back, Alan?"
"I don't usually get one, " laughed Susan
"Well, you are getting one today. I think Susan owes you one."
"I knew there was a reason I like you Sam."
"Hon, come take a seat, I'll give you a massage," said Alan.
Susan came around and took a seat in front of her husband, who leaned a bit forward to start the massage. Alan started to massage the neck and shoulders. After a bit Alan gestured with his head to have Sam help on the right shoulder while he worked on the left.
"Sam's going to help too, since she also owes you one."
"You won't hear me argue, " replied Susan with her eyes closed.
The ladies massaged Susan's shoulders and arms. They worked down his back, and started to lift up his shirt. Susan finally got the hint.
"I think I know what you ladies are up to. I think I can help you both relax."
Susan stood up and pulled down her plats. Alan licked his lips at the sight of Susan's cock, and saw Sam do the same. Susan tore off Alan's clothing, and helped Sam take off hers before pushing Alan down on the couch.
"Alan, fuck me."
"As you wish." and Susan did what she was told and took her husband. "Don't leave me out!" said Sam

Alan turned over onto all fours while Susan continued to pound him. Alan guided Sam to the couch and started to eat her out while fingering her, in time with the fucking he was getting.

After a few moments, Alan stopped pleasuring Sam with his mouth to ask " Alan, do you want to fuck our hot, blonde, milf neighbor?" before getting back to work teasing Sam's clit.
"Alan, I need to be.... Fucked... soo badly. " said Sam between moans from Alan working on her pussy. Susan pulled out of her husband, and beaconed the women to the bedroom. Sam practically ran, while Alan waddled to the bedroom. By the time he was there, Sam was already about to get herself filled with cock.

"Put it in! Put your meat in me Alan!" Susan was only too happy to oblige and slammed her cock into Sam's moist slit.
"FUCK! That's what I'm talking about. That's what mama needs!" said Sam rocking her hips into Susan.
Alan sat down and started to pleasure himself watching his friend and wife go wild

Sam and Susan tried a few positions that night, before Susan finished all over her tits. Sam went into the bathroom to shower.
"What did you think of my surprise Alan?" asked Alan.
"It was glorious Susan. You can surprise me anytime, " said Susan as she kissed Alan on the forehead, "I'm going to clean up in the living room before Scott sees anything."
While Susan was out of the room, Alan thought about the evening, while glowing in the post-fuck glow. It went well. Susan came back and sat on the bed, just before Sam came out of the bathroom.
"Hey, make room for me, you two, " said Sam crawling onto the bed. The two woman lay on Susan arms, one on each side. One a hot blonde milf, the other her pregnant husband. Life, thought Susan, is good.

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