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Susan and Alan - second trimester

on 2020-10-09 22:49:14

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The first week of the second trimester consisted of seeing Dr N again, with everything going according to plan. They drew blood to looked for any issues, since "Susan" was over 35. They'd have results next week. Alan was working out more regularly, and going some cooking for the family. Susan got a promotion at work, after she shared the news with "the guys." The extra money would be handy. Alan didn't have a moment of jealousy that Susan was promoted, just pride in her husband. That night, Susan got a tittie-fuck from his pregnant, horny wife in celebration.

A few days later, the results came back that everything looked good. It was just after that phone call that Alan felt the baby move for the first time. He stopped in his tracks taking the dishes to the sink. He asked for Susan to come feel his tummy, but Susan couldn't feel anything. Scott tried too. Over the next week, the baby got more mobile, and Susan and Scott could feel the baby. So did Alan and Susan's parents. Sam also snuck a feel during vent night. She talked about how excited she was when it happened. She talked about how "the quickening" reminder her of highlander. She even got off the couch and did some mock sword swings. Alan couldn't help but laugh with his friend, and rested his head on Sam's shoulder and Sam rested her head on Alan's head.
Alan's dreams started to get more memorable. He dreamt of his childhood, sometimes as himself and sometimes as a girl version of himself. He dreamt of holding his baby and of holding twins. He dreamt that Scott was a little girl. He also dreamt of places he hadn't gone before, like Paris and Tokyo. Sometimes he would dream of his husband fucking him. Oddly, he never had a dream of himself as a grown man, just as a woman. There was even a dream of Sam and him going at it at the spa from what seemed like so long ago.

The next time Sam came for vent night almost 2 weeks later, the duo had sparkling grape juice and cava, depending on "what your pregnancy status is," said Sam. Sam said she remember around week 16 that she was soo horny, so she brought over some porn, but with pregnant women. The women went down on eachother, with eachother to please their man and even broke out some toys. At that point, Sam paused, and took something out of her purse.
"I brought this for you in case Alan can't keep up with you"
"He's had no trouble keeping up with me, Sam"
"You are a lucky lady. Randy just couldn't do it."
"There may have been a reason for that, hon."
"True. So you don't want this new Big Ron?"
"I never said that. I'll keep it, just in case. How're things going for you after your divorce?"
"Not so good. I can't seem to get a second date. They come, get me a coffee or something then disappear. It's getting frustrating. I actually got you one of these because it it was buy one, get one 50% off."
"You know, Sam. If you are up for it, I'm sure Alan could help you out. I'm sure we could help you out."
Sam looked at Alan for a moment.
"Susan, you are messing with me right?"
"Sam, I'm speaking the truth. We'd be happy to have you with us."
"...I had no idea you two were like that. I'm honored, but I'm not sure. Are you sure? Is he sure?"
"I haven't asked him, but I'm pretty sure. You are fucking hot, and that's not just the hormones talking."
"You know what, Susan, fuck it. I'm in. Maybe we can arrange something for a vent night? We can both blow off some steam."
"Or blow something anyway."
"Oh you little harlot." Sam cheered Susan and they wanted an episode of HGTV before Sam went home. Before Alan went to bed, he said he was working on a surprise for Susan, but gave no other hints.
The next week, now 18 weeks in, they went to the OB. Dr Nicholas set up the ultrasound and asked if they wanted to know the gender of their baby. They said yes after looking at eachother. They were going to have a little girl. They got the picture at told Scott after Susan picked him up from school. He was marching around the house saying he was going to have a baby sister. The couple texted their people, and got a lot of happy gifs back.
Over the next couple weeks, Susan and Alan got some items for the baby and started to set up a nursery in the house. Alan looked at himself in the mirror and there was no mistaking himself for anything but pregnant. He saw the linea nigra and some stretch marks that weren't there before. He had a little swelling around his ankles. He beamed with pride. He started to get some leg cramping. It was all worth it, he thought.
Sam came over for a vent night, but felt she wasn't quite ready for the big surprise. They watched some more of Orange is the New Black, and called it an early night.
Alan felt he blinked, and the second trimester was over.

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