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Susan and Alan - rest of the first trimester

on 2020-10-09 22:13:04
Episode last modified by thisguy10101 on 2020-10-09 22:22:44

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The next day was the OB appointment. They went together. In the waiting room, there were a lot of mother's with their children, and a few of mothers to be holding their belly. The couple was ushered into a room. They answered some questions, but the OB had a lot of info from the first pregnancy. They drew blood, and asked Alan to change into a gown and take everything else off. Susan and the doctor left the room to let him change. Alan slid off his clothes and put on the gown, while looking at the posters. The one that caught his eye was the months of pregnancy. He looked stuff up at home, but this larger size put a lot in perspective. The poster about delivery was terrifying, since he now had to imagine his pelvic bones doing the shifting. He definitely didn't give Susan enough credit the first time around. The doctor came in.
"Well, Susan, let's get going."
"Dr. Nicholas, where's Alan?"
"I find the guys get a bit squeamish at this part. I mention pap smear and their eye glaze over. I asked your husband to stay outside for a bit. I'll ask him to come in for the ultrasound. Please take a seat."
Alan took a seat on the table.
"Please put your feet up," asked Dr Nicholas pulling out the stirrups.
Slowly Alan put his feet up.
"Now scoot down Susan, this will only take a minute. Your husband seems really excited."
"I'm sure he is, doc."
"He said you had talked about it for a while, but he was glad it happened, please open up, " said the doctor putting gentle pressure on Alan's inner thighs.
Alan complied, showing his vagina to a complete stranger
"Susan, I'm going to start with a general exam, then do the bimanual, and finish with a pap. Nothing you haven't experience before," stated the doctor while she was getting setup.
Dr Nicholas parted the labia minora
"It looks healthy. You are making some more secretions, which is normal. How is your nausea?"
"Not great doc."
"We can get you something for that," said the doctor as she stood up and put 2 fingers into Alan's vagina and the other hand on his pelvis, pushing around. Alan wiggled a bit, getting a bit aroused and embarrased
"Susan, please remain still, I'm trying to feel your ovaries and your uterus to make sure everything is ok, which it is. Any issues with sex?"
"My husband wants me to give him a blowjob, which is annoying."
"Some men are like that. Remember, no means no. I meant more like is there pain," said Dr Nicholas as she was lubing up the speculum out of view of Alan.
"Oh, it feels really good." said Alan before he could stop himself.
"Great. You are going to feel this, " said the OB just before Alan felt the hard plastic enter him. He let out a soft moan, just before the brush touched his cervix. Removing the device, the doctor said, "everything looks good Susan. Everything is in position, and your hips are still a bit wider from the first delivery. It looks like you'll have as smooth a pregnancy as a woman can have, and hopefully a good delivery too. You can get more comfortable, and then I'll let Alan back in." The doctor took off the gloves and stood up. Alan shimmied back up on the table.
Before Dr Nicholas opened the door she turned to Alan and said, "I know you were really hesitant about getting pregnant again, but I'll try to make sure it goes as well as possible. I'm really happy for you two, you make cute babies."
Susan was let back in, and smirked at Alan. Dr Nicholas fired up the ultrasound and found the fetus, and let the couple hear the heartbeat. Alan started to cry, followed closely by Susan. The OB printed out the picture and asked them to come back in about a month.
The couple went home. Alan was truly excited, rather than fearful for the first time.
"I'm going to be a father!" said Alan
"I think you mean mother, dear." countered Susan. Alan didn't care.
Over the next week, the fatigue worsened and Alan need more medication for the morning sickness. He had to cancel a couple clients, who started to ask questions. He told a few he was expecting, which uniformly got delighted "congratulations." He was started to crave random foods, like sourcream on pickles. He couldn't stand the smell of ice cream for about 3 days, then devoured a whole pint the 4th day. They got the results of the testing from the OB, and all the blood and testing looked great. Alan looked at his breasts, and realized they were massive and the nipples were very dark. Susan still had Alan give her a blowjob before she fucked him, with Alan getting more into it without as much prompting.
Week 8 was went Susan suggested they tell their friends Alan refused to do anything cutesy, so they sent out an e-mail to everyone they loved. They got many e-mails back. Susan's mother replied she said she knew something was up, since her baby was acting a little different. Scott was excited to have a new sibling he could play with in another 7 months or so. They started a baby registry to augment the stuff they had. They had given most away, but their friends dropped off what they could spare. Susan's parents stopped by. It was awkward when Susan's mom cornered Alan and started talking about her cravings and sexual adventures while expecting 40 years ago. Alan had pictures in his mind he couldn't get rid of, but that didn't stop Susan and Alan from going at it that night, complete with blowjob unasked.
During week 9, Alan was going to the bathroom just about all the time and just started to "go commando." Susan recommended doing some kegels. Alan was less interested in sex. His nausea was just too bad, despite the medication. He has some mood swing that week and the next, but then was more even keel for the rest of the pregnancy. He was starting to show and couldn't wear his jeans. At first he was weirded out, because it was his body, but then he was excited that his baby was doing OK and growing.
They went to Dr Nicholas the next week, who did another ultrasound, and the baby looked a bit more....human. She said everything was on track and there was no signs of "nuchal lucency" whatever that was. By the end of the week, the morning sickness was starting to lessen, and but the end of the following week, it was gone. It was during that week that Alan sent e-mails to his clients that he would have to suspend sessions until after he delivered in another 6 months or so. The clients all replied cheerfully that they were looking forward to seeing her again, and good luck. Sam started to come over periodically for "vent nights," when she kicked Susan to another room. The first week, Alan was uncomfortable with some of details Sam shared about pregnancy and delivery (you sometimes needed to be cut "down there" to get the baby out?). He wasn't sure if he wanted to do another one, but Sam insisted to see her friend next week. Alan said sure, and Susan couldn't help but laugh.
In the last week of the first trimester, Alan went shopping with Susan and Scott for maternity clothing. Scott voted for the overalls, so he and his mom could match. Susan recommended lose clothing, so Alan could grow into it. After some shopping, Susan excused herself to use the bathroom, and Scott and Alan went to the play area in the mall. He stared at Scott and rubbed his belly. He realized he was growing another child in there. Another kiddo like Scott, or maybe his sister. He was making a human, something he couldn't have done before. He realized his feeling were getting more..maternal and he didn't seem to be holding onto his male life as much. He felt closer to her husband Alan/Susan. Alan liked making her husband feel good, and was starting to get into the blowjobs a little more. He felt himself getting wet as Susan came back and the family went home.

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