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10. Skill Allocation

9. Skill Tree(Intelligence)

8. Skill Tree(Capability)

7. Skill Tree(Energy)

6. Skill Tree(Programming)

5. Skill Tree(Construction)

4. Planet of Arctaria

3. Random Options

2. Let's try this out

1. The Future of Gaming

Skill Allocation

avatar on 2020-09-27 20:52:21

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There was a lot to choose from. Since I had twenty five skill points I wanted the most bang for my buck. Each of the categories aside from Intelligence had 27 perks. The unique Intelligence tree only had 18 perks. I needed to think on how I wanted to play. Did I want to build androids, or did I want to fight against them? Did I want to just specialize in one aspect of the process, or did I want to be a jack of all trades? That would set the path for my early game. I was ahead of the game because of the bonus perks, but that did not mean I could just throw it all away on stuff I won't end up using. Conion was not a major nation, so there were not many opportunities to get on a team to build one of high quality. I could always be the first. I sighed and just looked at the five disciplines again. I decided to start on that level. The one that really interested me the most was Construction. I even had a 5% to all the perks due to my degree in engineering. The next one was Capability. Building one was one thing. It was cool. Determining what it could do was another thing entirely.

I put ten stars in the Construction Build perks. With one in the first eight, I would be able to build the basic frame of an android. Nothing too complex in any category. It is also coming with a weight limit. I put the ninth and tenth stars in the Demi-human Form perk. I wanted to make something nice like mermaids, driders and centaurs. That would be cool. The next twelve were in Capability. I put one in each of the Offense perks. The other three were to get to the Jack perk in the Build tree. Having the phone jack would be great for hacking and tracking activity. Weapon systems allowed me to shoot 10mm pistol rounds from the android. That brought the count to twenty two points. With three points remaining, I put one in Sex and Lube as well as one in USB Port. The allure of making a sex robot was too tempting to not go through with it. If I was able to build one, it would be so cool. It was able to hack, have sex and fight. I just needed to have a programmer and person who can create a energy core that can power up the android. If I leveled up fast enough, I could do it all on my own.

Walking out the alley, I just walked around a bit. It was world that was similar to my own. I walked around until I found a map. I decided to go to the nearest college. I had some starting money and I used it to get a cab. Once there, I went in and applied to be a professor. It was a liberal arts college, so they did not have a strong engineering department. That allowed me to get the job easily. I hung about until my class started. I had two classes two days a week. Time passed in a minigame. I had to pick out statements about the subject that were true from those that were false and put them in a discernable order. I was mostly guessing on it, but it was pretty simple since the class itself was entry level. After the classes, I got my money and left campus. I had to look for a place to live. Luckily, there was a website where I could buy property and supplies. I went to the cheapest house it offered on the site. The house was slightly run down and was in a poor Najja district known for crime and gang activity. I couldn't permanently die and, even if I did die, it would not last too long.

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