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24. Susan and Alan - the guest - p

23. hotel?

22. Spa Day

21. waking up

20. Alan's turn to cause some misc

19. rest of the night - part 2

18. the rest of the night

17. After a long day

16. Long morning

15. that time

14. rest of the day

13. Packing

12. Mischief

11. Jeans

10. the next morning

9. Instinct Wants What It Wants

8. Alan's a Screamer

7. Crew Socks

6. Fun, but unsatisfying

5. Standard Game, New Play

the guest - play along

on 2020-09-26 10:00:26
Episode last modified by thisguy10101 on 2020-10-04 04:02:07

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Sam getting it doggy style from the man at the bar!
"Wes, keep pounding me. Your big cock is just what I needed, " yelled Sam, pendulous breasts swinging and slamming her hips back onto his dick, as Alan rounded the corner to see the sight. It was something out of a porn movie, and Alan's erect nipples immediately got even bigger, almost painfully so. His vagina started to tingle at the sight and scent of sex.
Wes and Alan made eye contact, causing Alan to stop in his tracks and Wes to skip a beat or two of his fucking Sam from behind. Sam looked up and saw Susan looking shocked, while Wes started to get back into rhythm. Sam reached out and grabbed Alan's arm and firmly tugged him down, causing Alan to lose balance and end up on the ground near the bed. Sam laid down, allowing Wes' dick to leave her, breasts down, to get her head a little closer to Alan so she could kiss him. Wes followed Sam and re-entered her, causing her tongue to get a slight boost of energy in her kissing of Alan. Sam wrapped her arms around Alan and started to kiss his neck.
Alan was so confused. He was embarrassed, aroused, surprised and excited all at once. Part of his head said he should leave. Another part, the part that was winning, was enjoying the kiss and the hands untying his bikini top. He thought about Alan...Susan, and that she was at home waiting for him....with a big cock that he had enjoyed with multiple orgasms in the last couple days. He was thinking about those orgasms as he was lead onto the bed by Sam. Alan was shocked back to the moment when Sam let out a primal moan of pleasure as an orgasm came over her. She redoubled her efforts of getting her pussy to be full of Wes' penis, ignoring Alan for a moment. Alan had a moment to himself, starting to think about leaving when he felt a hand on his breast, massaging his breast. Wes had reached over and started to tease his right nipple then his left. Then Alan felt a hand on his leg, working it's way up to his bikini bottoms. Sam untied his bathing suit! Her hand started to massage his clit. Even though it was half-hearted, Alan still was getting hot and bothered. He rotated and scooted under Sam so he could enjoy Sam's perfect breasts, while she was still getting it doggy style from Wes. He was voraciously sucking on Sam's breasts, when he had to stop for a second to catch his breath. A palm was massaging his clit. Alan was in heaven, enjoying Sam's breasts when all of a sudden Sam was being picked up into a reverse cowgirl position.

Instinctively, Alan followed Sam up, so he could still suck her nipples. Sam yelled out again as Wes' cock drove even further into her. Sam gently pushed down on Alan's head so he started to kiss her abdomen and eventually started to lick and kiss Sam's pussy. Alan was briefly aware how close his head was to Wes' penis before Sam dismounted so Alan could focus on her pussy.

"Susan, you are amazing at eating me out. That..feels...soooo....GOOOD!" yelled Sam as she had another orgasm and laid back. Wes wasted no time and put his dick by her mouth, and Sam welcomed it started to give him a blowjob as her vagina was getting licked and fingered by Alan. Alan's body wanted more action, so he started to kiss his way up Sam and grabbed a hand and put it on his breast. The hand was strong and got the hint. Another hand started to massage his other breast. Eventually, he felt a hint to move further up. He sat up and was kissed by Wes.
Alan was starting to pull away when Sam started to lick his pussy. He wiggled for a minute, but soon pleasure overwhelmed his body. Wes started to kiss his neck and continued to massage his breasts as Sam discovered Alan's G-spot. A long, low sensual moan escaped Alan' lips. Wes' hands were all over Alan's body, gently caressing his breast, back and hips. They were on his inner thighs rarely at first, causing shivers for Alan, but eventually one remained there. Only after Wes fingers parted his labia, did he realize that Sam was no longer under him. In fact, he was on his back. Looking for a moment and started to get worried, he saw Sam lean over his head and kiss him, lips upside down.
"Susan, I need you to use that magic tongue of yours again," said Sam as sat over Alan's head. Sam's vagina was right by his face, and Alan started to kiss, nibble and lick. All of a sudden, he felt something enter his vagina. A long, shaft that seemed to keep entering and entering. Wes had started to fuck Alan!

Alan tried to get away, but was trapped by Sam and Wes. Panic started to turn into pleasure as Wes started to accelerate his pounding of Alan's pussy. Alan stopped eating out Sam and just was trying to catch his breath. Sam dismounted. A split second later, Alan was pulled up into the cowgirl position and felt the full length of Wes' dick in his pussy and let out a loud "Oh God!"
His hips started to rock back and forth and Wes pushed him up and down.
"You like that Susan?" asked Wes
"You like my dick?"
"YES! This is so much better than fucking my wife!"
Alan felt himself natural leaning forward to have Wes' dick rub his clit. Wes started to suck on Alan's nipples and cup his breasts. Then another set of hands started to massage his breasts and lightly go over his body. He felt Sam's hand gently turn him around, with Wes' massive cock still in his moist slit, going in and out, it was divine! He leaned forward to kiss Sam, which Wes used to lead into doing Alan doggy style.
"OH GOD!" yelled Alan.
"Wes' dick is magic, isn't it?" cooed Sam into Alan's ear as she nibbled it.
"OH YES!" yelled Alan.
"I'm almost there." said Wes, with one last hard pound before taking his penis out, finishing on Alan's ass.
Alan fell forward in a sweaty, exhausted, satisfied heap. He saw Sam and Wes go into the bathroom in his haze. He also saw Wes get his clothing on and kiss Sam passionately before going out the door. Sam came back to the bed naked and started to rub Alan's shoulders.
"He was so much better than Randy ever was."
"I think Susan could learn a thing or two from him," murmured Alan into the covers that had somehow managed to remain on the bed

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