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23. hotel?

22. Spa Day

21. waking up

20. Alan's turn to cause some misc

19. rest of the night - part 2

18. the rest of the night

17. After a long day

16. Long morning

15. that time

14. rest of the day

13. Packing

12. Mischief

11. Jeans

10. the next morning

9. Instinct Wants What It Wants

8. Alan's a Screamer

7. Crew Socks

6. Fun, but unsatisfying

5. Standard Game, New Play

4. At least he doesn't have big f


on 2020-09-24 23:12:05
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Sam and Alan talked about how relaxing the spa was as Sam drove. After a few minutes, Alan realized they were not taking the way home
"Sam, what's going on? I think you took a wrong turn."
"Susan, I just can't go home yet. Not when he's still moving his stuff in with his new ... boyfriend. I can't stand to see that asshole or any of his stuff. It'll just be one night. I know I said I would get you home, but I just can't go there."
Alan started to get worried. Sam really wasn't going home, and she was taking him for the ride. He took out his phone and texted Susan that he was being taken to some hotel by Sam and he would be delayed. He hoped Susan could take care of Scott by herself.
"Sam, this isn't what we agreed on."
"I know, I know. I'll pay for the room. Please, just one night." Sam turned to look at Alan for a split second. He could see the tears in her eyes.
"...Fine, but we are getting the room I want. 2 queens, nonsmoking."
"Deal. Susan, you won't regret this."
They pulled into a nearby Doubletree and parked. Sam grabbed their bags and went to the front desk. While Sam was talking to the clerk at the desk, Alan looked around and saw the bar/restaurant and the lounge area. He grabbed a free cookie.
"Susan, I got us a room on the top floor. Come on. We're room 308."
A few minutes later they were in their room, and Sam fell back on one of the beds.
"This is great. No Randy. Just us two. I really appreciate this Susan."
"You owe me Sam."
"I sure do. I'll get you dinner." And with that Alan left in Susan's comfy clothes and Sam left in her outfit from that morning.
The two ladies went to a hole in the wall Italian joint for a quick, but tasty bite with some red wine to match the meal. Walk back into the hotel, Sam suggested they stop at the bar. Susan went along with it and soon the two ladies had margaritas in front them. They were chatting about tomorrow, kids and having a good time, despite the situation. The good time with just them stopped when a silver fox came up and tried to start a conversation. Alan didn't talk to the man, but Sam seemed to enjoy the attention. The guy gave her a card and walked off.
"What are you doing Sam?"
"Just some friendly flirting. I'm single and ready to mingle now. He seemed nice. It was harmless fun." And then she finished her drink. Alan quickly followed suit. The two went back to the room. After a few minutes of watching Hallmark, Sam suggested they go to the pool, which Alan thought was a great idea. They got changed, with Alan stealing a few glances as Sam getting into her bathing suit. He felts his nipples tingle seeing her get ready.

They put on the robes in the room. The two enjoyed some time in the hot tub before going into the pool and doing some floating and laps. Sam said she had to go to the bathroom and excused herself to go back to the room.

Alan spent a few more minutes in the hottub before going back to the room. He slipped out of the hot tub and put a towel around his waist. He got to the door before he realized how cold he was, and that his nipples stuck out so he could see them even through the fabric of the bikini top. He grabbed another towel and put if over his shoulders. He took the elevated up a couple floors and went to his room. He opened the door and immediately heard a man and a woman loudly moaning nearly in unison down the little corridor leading to the bed area of the hotel room. His towels feel off as he rushed around the corner to see...

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