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22. Spa Day

21. waking up

20. Alan's turn to cause some misc

19. rest of the night - part 2

18. the rest of the night

17. After a long day

16. Long morning

15. that time

14. rest of the day

13. Packing

12. Mischief

11. Jeans

10. the next morning

9. Instinct Wants What It Wants

8. Alan's a Screamer

7. Crew Socks

6. Fun, but unsatisfying

5. Standard Game, New Play

4. At least he doesn't have big f

3. Bedroom Games

Spa Day

on 2020-09-23 22:30:41
Episode last modified by thisguy10101 on 2020-09-28 16:26:43

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"Let's go to a spa! My treat. I just need to relax and forget about this morning. There is a good place about 45 minutes away. Women only, with saunas, a Russian Banya and a steam crypt."
"I don't know..." said Alan.
"It'll be perfect after your workout. I'll have you back in time for a late dinner."
"What should I bring?"
"A bathing suit, a chance of clothes if you want."
"Fine, just let me tell my w...husband."
Alan went into his bedroom and picked out a bathing suit, although for some reason all Susan had were two pieces. He didn't mind when she was wearing them, but he was regretting the encouragement he gave her about the bikinis. He grabbed some underwear and a comfortable outfit for afterwards. He put everything in a bag. A few minute later, as he was walking to the living room, he realized that he and Susan did not switch cells. He texted Susan that he was being taken by Sam to a spa and that he would explain more tonight.
"Ok, ready to go," said Alan.
"Finally," replied Sam from the kitchen, "I'll drive." Sam put down the glass of water.
The duo got into Sam's BMW and tore off. It was mostly small talk with a few notable exceptions. Sam told Alan a little more than usual about her sex life with her husband, which apparently was a little disappointing. Alan was a little weirded out and turned on when she talked about the toys she had. The other bit that stuck out was when Sam said she thought Alan was hot and asked about his dick size. Alan replied massive and left it at that.
The two ladies pulled into the spa, and Alan immediately felt a little overwhelmed. Susan had been to a basic spa before, but Alan hadn't. This place was big. Sam parked and took her bag out of the trunk while Alan stepped out of the car and grabbed his bag.
"Not too shabby, right Susan? This place just opened, but it's very popular. They have so many options. And best of all, NO MEN!"
If only she knew, thought Alan.
Alan and Sam checked in at the front desk by an attractive woman in her early 20s. She recommended a stone massage and the Banya. She pointed out everything on the map and said that part of the compound was clothing optional. Some of it was also silent. Both were color coated.
The ladies went to the locker room. No sooner than Sam opened her locker, than she was basically naked. Alan just looked at her for a bit and realized how attractive she was for having 2 kids about 15 years ago.

He felt his nipples harden and a tingling in his vagina. He was getting turned on in a locker room. He stripped and went to the shower and rinsed off thinking about unsexy things, like socks.
"Susan, let's go to the Banya! I've heard grade things about it."
"Sounds like a good place to start. Let me get my bathing suit on"
"Don't worry about it. It's in the clothing optional area. We can just go over like this."
"I don't like that idea much Sam."
"Susan, don't be such a pussy. It's just us and some other ladies."
Alan thought about that a little. "I just don't feel comfortable."
"Suit yourself."
So the two went to the Banya and enjoyed the hot temperature. Alan found himself relaxing, with his muscles getting loosening after his work out that morning.
"Sam, ready for the baths?"
"Sure Susan."
They grabbed some water on their way to the hot and cold baths. They started in the warm bath, then took a dip in the cold bath. They took turns going under the waterfall. The sudden pressure of the water pulled the top of Alan's bikini off. Before he could grab it, Sam had it in her hands.
"Sam! Give that back!"
"Sorry, honey, but the fates say this comes off. Who are we to ignore them? Besides, you look better without it." Then she winked. "Maybe you should get rid of the bottoms too, that way you match."
"No Sam," said Alan as he leaned back and floated for a minute

After just another few minutes in the cold pool, the two went to the sauna
After a couple minutes of quiet, Sam spoke up
"What keeps your marriage strong Susan? it's not just Alan's monster member, I assume."
"It's that we keep surprising eachother in good ways. We keep eachother on our toes, but know the other one will be there if we need someone. We are eachother's rock."
"I thought the same thing about Randy. But at some point I guess we talked less. He seemed to take me for granted."
"That can happen."
"Maybe I should show him he can't"
"I'll figure that out at some point. Maybe it'll just click while we are here."
"I hope so Sam."
After a few moments Sam spoke again.
"Maybe I need to be with someone else besides him. He has been my only sexual partner for like 20 years."
"This may not be the place to find someone for that."
"Depends. Do you think another male or a female partner would make him more jealous?"
Alan stared at Sam for a minute. "I don't know randy well enough."
"Fair enough Susan."
"Sam, I'm sure you'll figure it out. Maybe you just need some time to figure out next steps."
"Yea, you're right."
With that the two ladies spent the rest of their time in the sauna in silence allowing the heat to make them sweet. Alan found the experience very relaxing. Maybe he'd have to come again...somehow.
Sam tapped on Alan shoulder and gestured it was time to go.
Sam and Alan went to the locker room and rinsed off. Sam gave back Alan the top just before getting to the lockers.
"Thanks for going topless Susan. I know you didn't want to, but I think it worked out."
"Sam, you're right. It wasn't too bad."
The ladies got dressed and started to drive.

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