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5. skin

4. Jon tests the pencil on Karyn

3. the magic pencil.

2. Jon wishes up a device

1. You Are What You Wish

Magic Pencil: Karyn's Alternative History

on 2007-10-31 15:27:16

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"Wow, Jon. I don't what to say. You did this just now? I can't believe it. I can remember my whole life being like this, but you're telling me I never used to have blue skin?"

"Yep, nor did you have the red clown nose," Jon smiled. Despite her sky blue skin or the nose that had grown and swollen into a perfect, glossy red sphere, Karyn still looked strangely cute. He hadn't really expected that. "Think about it, why would you have blue skin? Nobody else in your family has it, let alone the rest of the world."

"They called it a genetic miracle, a medical marvel," Karyn shrugged. "and, occasionally, a freak of nature. You tell yourself that for years and years, you just end up believing it, or at least accepting it."

"Amazing," Jon replied. "So you have memories of your whole life as a blue girl? The pencil "“ or the stone "“ made all that up when it changed reality."

"Can we undo it now, please? I don't like some of these supposedly fake memories "“ I had a tough childhood."

"Okay, erase it from the notepad and see how you feel then."

Karyn did so. Immediately her skin returned to pink and her comical nose deflated until it reached her normal size. Her face lit up with realisation.

"Oh god! I remember now! Oh, that makes a lot more sense!"

"Do you still remember your, er, blue memories?"

After a moment's reflection, Karyn nodded and said, "Yeah I do, but now they're placed in the context of my own life they make sense. Kind of like remembering a vivid dream."

"Glad to hear it wait, Karyn what are you writing?"

Karyn was scratching the notepad with the magic pencil and moved away from Jon's gaze.

"You can't look, yet!" she giggled and put the notepad face down. "Now Jon, do you see anything unusual?"

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