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4. Jon tests the pencil on Karyn

3. the magic pencil.

2. Jon wishes up a device

1. You Are What You Wish

Magic Pencil: Jon's Test

on 2007-10-31 12:33:30

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"What are you writing Jon?" Karyn asked, as she watched Jon scribble on his notepad. He tipped it up and away from her prying eyes.

"I'm just giving this a test run," Jon replied. "But you can't peek!"

A moment later, and Jon put the pencil down.

"There." Jon looked at what he'd written and then at Karyn. "You don't notice anything different about yourself Karyn?"

"What, you changed me??" Karyn looked her body up and down, but nothing seemed unusual to her. Finding nothing, she breahted with relief. "Phew! Don't joke with me like that Jon!"

"Wow it really works! You sat here and watched me write this, but still you have no idea-"

"What, seriously?? Jon, I don't like being manipulated like that! It's rude, not to mention violating "

"Calm down Karyn, it was just a test and it's only temporary. Here, take a look at what I wrote and erase it yourself. Here's the pencil too, erase it and it goes away. Write something yourself too, if you like."

Karyn took the notepad and read it. Her eyes grew wide with astonishment.

"Wow, Jon. I don't what to say. You did this just now? I can't believe it. I can remember my whole life being like this, but you're telling me I never used to have-

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