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8. Karyn explores her two-headed

7. Karyn uses the stone

6. Jon makes a wish

5. Have sex with the conjoined cl

4. Sarah and Karyn

3. Cloning Device

2. Jon's (perverted) fantasies

1. You Are What You Wish

Enjoying a Little Alone Time with Herself

on 2020-08-25 08:57:36

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After banishing the evil one from her beautiful body, Karyn took the opportunity to make some improvements.

Her first wish was obvious. She wished for controlling her whole body, including both heads, to feel natural to her. Even if she had everything, it hadn’t been easy to control it. She had after all spent her entire life as just being the right half.

Then she wished for Sarah’s old head to look exactly like hers. Even if the witch was gone, looking at her face was unpleasant. She also changed their hair from being bleach blond to a dirty blond, closer to her old brown hair.

She couldn’t undo old wishes, but she had only accidentally wished to be blond like Sarah. By changing Sarah’s head to being a different kind of blond, she wasn’t technically undoing the wish.

...Actually, since she was a clone of Karyn and not Karyn herself, she could have wished for the old brown hair back, but she didn’t know that.

After that, she gave herself something she had always wanted; a second pussy.

It had always seemed to her like if she was going to have to live with that second head then the least the world could do for her was let her have a second set of fun bits too.

Smiling to herself, Karyn reached down with her LEFT hand and started to gently play around the out lips of her twin pussies. Both her mouths let out a happy hum as she felt the warm, smooth pleasure, like nothing she had ever experienced before.

Having to share a body with Sarah, nothing had ever been gentle. She had never been allowed to take anything slowly.

The two of them were always competing, whether it was food, or pleasure, or even the AIR in their shared lungs. And if Karyn had tried to slow down to enjoy anything, that greedy bitch would have snatched it all away and left her with nothing.

To be allowed to take her time and just enjoy her masturbation was a brand new experience for her, so much different than the rough sex she had always been forced into with Sarah in shared control, and Karyn was enjoying it to the fullest.

“This feels so good, doesn’t it?” Karyn said with her right head.

“It really does.” Karyn’s left head replied.

Of course, she was only one person, but the foreplay with herself was a whole new kind of kinky. Her two heads turned towards one another, smiling as they looked into each other’s eyes.

“I think I know how we can make it even better.” Karyn’s left head said.

“I think I know what you are thinking.” Her right replied as they came closer together on her shoulders.

Kissing herself could best be described as an experience. Not only was it amazing to feel and taste both sides of the kiss, but it was also the first slow kiss that Karyn had ever been allowed. The feeling of having her two tongues gently twisting together put the frantic kisses she had in the past, when she was trying to get as much out of them as she could before Sarah stole it away, to complete shame.

Going a little further, Karyn started to insert a finger into both of her pussies, gently brushing up against the two’s shared inner wall, while her right hand came up to massage her left breast.

She groaned at the pleasure of her soft, full breast being slowly rubbed. The kind of pleasure she had only managed to get for herself during those brief moments when she would wake up before her bodymate. They had always been brief and always ruined the moment that cunt had woken up and started spitting in her face again, but now she could make it last as long as she wanted.

And she could make it even better.

Breaking her kiss with herself, Karyn once again reached for the stone.

“I wish that until I wish otherwise, I had an extra pair of arms.” Karyn said with a grin.

She hadn’t really known what it would be like to grow another pair of arms, but just like the other pussy, it happened so fast that Karyn barely had time to register it. A second pair of arms simply materialized underneath her first pair.

Karyn clasped and unclasped her new hands, marveling at the sensation before she put the extra set of hands to good use.

With a hand in each pussy and one for each breast, the sensation was better than ever. And gentle and slow as Karyn was trying to take it, trying to ride the high as long as she could, she eventually went over the edge.

Her two heads gave identical cries of ecstasy as she climaxed, her body bouncing up and down with the waves, her boobs bouncing along with it.

Karyn brought up her two lower hands, covered in her pussy juices and started to lick her fingers clean, a smile on both her faces as she did so.

That had been one of the best orgasms of her entire life.

Though her smiles faltered a little as she heard the door down the hall open, Jon stepping out of the showers.

In a moment of dread, she wondered what Jon would think of her having gotten rid of her conjoined twin and claiming her body for herself. Jon had always been trying to push the two of them to get along, even though such a thing was impossible.

Thinking about it, she had basically killed Sarah… it was kind of fucked up.

But as her hand squeezed around the wishing stone, she remembered that since Jon hadn’t been around to hear her wish, he would not know anything. He would believe that it had always just been Karyn, with her two heads, two pussies and four arms. And he never had to know anything else.

...In fact, before he showed up, she would make one final wish.

Whispering her wish as fast as she could, she quickly replaced the wishing stone where she had found it before turning to face Jon as the door opened.

“Were you having fun with yourself? I could hear you over the shower.” Jon said as he looked down at Karyn’s two dripping pussies.

Karyn didn’t reply. She was too busy looking at Jon’s two erect cocks.

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