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7. Karyn uses the stone

6. Jon makes a wish

5. Have sex with the conjoined cl

4. Sarah and Karyn

3. Cloning Device

2. Jon's (perverted) fantasies

1. You Are What You Wish

Claiming Everything for Herself

on 2020-08-24 15:50:02

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As Karyn started to come back around from her orgasmal bliss, she allowed herself a smile as she bathed herself in the afterglow of the sex that had rocked her body.

As always, Jon had fucked her until her mind and body had simply given up.

Karyn’s right hand brushed up on her hips before slowly tracing its way up her smooth, thin stomach and up to her giant, soft breasts, the feeling causing her to bite her lip softly in ecstasy. Her body really was amazing, nearly perfect, if it wasn’t for one big flaw.

“Hey, hand off.” The cancerous parasite on Karyn’s left hissed as it knocked Karyn’s hand away from her breast. “Just because I have to share my body with you, doesn’t mean you’re allowed to touch it.”

“Your body? This is my body, you bitch.” Karyn said as she glared back at Sarah’s head, their eyes barely inches apart.

“As if someone like you could handle a bod like this.” Sarah huffed, blowing hot air into Karyn’s face. “It’s because of you that we ended up passing out again before I could fully satisfy my darling, again.”

“How is that my fault? You’re the one who kept pumping us too fast. Your technique sucks.”

“It’s because you're too damn sensitive that we keep climaxing too fast!”

“How am I too sensitive…!” Karyn gasped in shock as Sarah grabbed her nipple and gave it a sharp twist.

“See… too sensitive.” Sarah said with a smirk, though she too had winced from the jolts of pleasure.

“You…” Karyn growled before quickly hooking to fingers into their shared vagina and rubbing their still moist inner walls. This time it was Karyn who was more prepared for the wave of pleasure and Sarah who gave a gasp. “You’re looking a little sensitive there yourself, bitch.”

“You cunt!” Sarah howled back, and before you know it, the two were fighting once again, slapping tits and roughly fingering their cunt as they butted their heads against one another.

But being already drained from their sex with Jon, the two didn’t last long before they were back to being spread eagle on the bed, panting for breath in order to fill their shared lungs. It was no use, whatever they threw at the other they just ended up receiving themselves too.

Karyn hated it. She hated sharing her body with this evil bitch. Not even wanting to look at her, she turned her head away, desperately trying to pretend that Sarah didn’t even exist.

That was when she saw it on the side table; Jon’s wishing stone. Karyn remembered how a poorly timed comment had ended up with her stuck with the same blond hair as her evil twin.

Why hadn’t she thought of it before? It was a possible out. Salvation from having to spend the rest of her life with the person she hated the most bitching in her ear day after day.

“Hey… are you trying to suffocate us?” Sarah said angrily as Karyn had been unconsciously holding her breath.

That last little bit of annoyance was enough to send Karyn into action, and she throw her body as best she could towards the stone, dragging the dead weight with her.

The moment her fingers closed around the stone, she was already prepared to make her wish. “I wish that this was my body, and my body alone!” Karyn cried out.

“What are you…” Sarah started… but then stopped.

Karyn felt it working. She felt as control over both sides of the body were forfeited over to her. She felt as Sarah’s existence disappeared. She felt as her own mind spread into the second head, and she saw through both sets of eyes.

Tears formed in both sets of eyes and Karyn collapsed back onto the bed, smiling up towards the roof. “I’m free of her. I’m finally free.” She said through both mouths, unable to contain her joy.

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