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2. Unhappy

1. The Forum


on 2012-06-19 08:06:42

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Im not too happy at some criticism I've had with the story. Okay yes I've placed a character in some peril. Peril that has not resulted in harm. I find it incredulous that making Lilly not so good at maths and get laughed at for it ive suddenly gone too far (again). I'm trying to make the story about something. There's got to be some drama to do that. I'd like Lilly to go through character development and I personally felt that asserting a desire on what she may do with her life is a positive step, not 'dumping' on her. Kids can be cruel if anyone can still remember and that's how it is when you are in a new school.

Lilly knows magic is real. Most changed do though lilly is one of the few to see it in action. Her interest is natural and plausible. I'm not sure Artemis would show off her magic to the class but fine if that's how it has to be. I disagree that Artemis is an 'adult' version of herself which is what I felt the scene implied to me. There is no reason to do it.

Anyway I feel quite sad that every time I try something I just get shut out so I'm taking a break.

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