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3. Charles' Quick Thinking

2. Accosted!

1. Altered Fates

Charles' Quick Thinking

on 2020-06-12 17:34:57

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"Take it!" Charle's pulled the napkin wrapped medallion from his pocket and dropped it in the hands of one of the brutes. Before he knew what was happening, the brute was elbowed in the face, causing him to fall towards the girl. In the confusion, Charles pulled the medallion off the ground and sprinted away. The group of assailants attempted to follow but the girl and one of the bodyguards started to trip over their feet as they slowly started to switch forms. Charles stopped for a moment to laugh but the sight of the remaining bodyguard barrelling towards him snapped him back to reality.

Charles laughed as he sprinted down the sidewalk with ease. He honestly didn't intend to steal his current body but he was happy he did. Charles was remarkably fit for a man his age and his identity had enough money to live comfortably without working for years.

Charles passed a group of teenage girls loitering outside of a coffee shop when an idea hit him. He stopped fleeing and waited for the bodyguard to approach. Just as the man was about to reach him, he chucked the medallion into the hands of one of the girls and pushed her towards his pursuer. Again, Charles collected the medallion off the street and laughed to himself as he sprinted away. When he felt comfortably far away, he looking back to see the bodyguard slowly shrinking until his pants literally slid off his legs.

This wasn't the first time Charles' cavalier use of the medallion had gotten him into trouble. Hell, his escape probably created at least two more enemies. As much as he enjoyed his new skin, he figured that he should probably find a temporary life to lay low in for a few days. Thinking ahead, he had already buried a set of his current body's clothes in a nearby forest for this type of emergency. Once he's safe, he can always go back there and regain his current form.

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