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2. Good job weirdo

1. The Forum

Good job weirdo

on 2012-04-12 21:37:10

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That was certainly a very good part from you. The style has improved a lot from your first entries if you don't mind me saying.

Is there any chance you could make some kind of summery of events, for Cass and Lucas? The most important events and such, it's a little tricky to go over it all. How they feel about the other, and how they met etc... I hope I'm not being a pain to ask, but your style earlier is a little hard for me to understand at times.

I like how you portrayed the dual nature with Artemis, and the interaction of Selune. I think having the 'favour' of a goddess might not seem like a big deal when said casually, but given this is 'primal venus' I think it would be a very big deal.

It adds an interesting new dimension to the characters, as the weakest one has the 'oldest' god with her- if nothing else. ;)

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