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10. Jon Fills Karyn In On What's H

9. Jon Wants Karyn to Join Them

8. Why Not Go Down to Peru in Sty

7. Jon Gets Help From Santa

6. Unknown

5. The Secret's out

4. Santa's Stones

3. Jon Meets Santa

2. Meeting Santa Claus

1. You Are What You Wish

The Betrayer

on 2013-12-25 05:41:39

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"We're leaving to go to Peru to save my grandfather," Jon answered.

"Jon, I thought you said your grandfather was dead," Karyn said.

"Well, apparently he's not. And he's being imprisoned by an Incan god."

"What? Jon you better start from the beginning."

Jon sighed, then began to tell his friend everything that happened after he made a wish to meet Santa Claus.

Meanwhile, in a deep dark cavern under the mountains of Peru, Jon's grandfather was chained to a rock wall, unable to make any kind of escape. And not too far away was Supay's throne room.

"Master, I have done as you have said," a voice suddenly said.

Supay turned towards the voice and smiled. "Then it is coming?"

The April Fool smiled back. "Oh yes, Master. Soon the Jewel of Cusco (or the wishing stone, as that idiot Jon and his grandfather call it) will be yours once again."

"Excellent. You have done well."

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