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9. Jon Wants Karyn to Join Them

8. Why Not Go Down to Peru in Sty

7. Jon Gets Help From Santa

6. Unknown

5. The Secret's out

4. Santa's Stones

3. Jon Meets Santa

2. Meeting Santa Claus

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon Wants Karyn to Join Them

on 2011-12-24 13:29:15

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"Actually, I was thinking that we might need some help," Jon said. He picked up the stone and said "I wish Karyn was instantly transported to my room from wherever she is right now."

The stone glowed and suddenly, Karyn appeared in his bedroom in the blink of an eye. Jon's eyes went wide when he saw that she was topless, her new larger breasts hanging out for all to see.

"Jon! What the hell?!" she yelled, covering her chest as best she could.

"I ... I wish Karyn had a bra and T-shirt on," Jon quickly said. The stone glowed and his wish was granted. "Sorry, Karyn. I ... I didn't know you were ... wait a minute, why did you have your shirt off anyway? Were you checking out your new ..."

"As a matter of fact, I was. How could I not after what I wished? I just wanted to see ..." She stopped when she realized that they weren't alone. Then her eyes went wide, seeing who she thought she saw. "Jon, is that ..."

"That's right, Karyn. It's me. Santa Claus," said Santa. He turned towards Jon. "Did you want anyone else to come with?"

"Jon, what's going on here?" Karyn asked, her earlier embarrassment of being topless getting put aside, replaced by confusion and concern. "What's this all about?"

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