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8. Why Not Go Down to Peru in Sty

7. Jon Gets Help From Santa

6. Unknown

5. The Secret's out

4. Santa's Stones

3. Jon Meets Santa

2. Meeting Santa Claus

1. You Are What You Wish

Why Not Go Down to Peru in Style?

on 2010-12-25 02:30:16

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"Okay, I don't know where Supay is, but I'm assuming that he's in Peru. That's where the stone came from, right?" Jon asked.

"That's right, Jon," Santa said.

Already, Santa was being way more helpful than that purple cat or April Fool.

"But how can we get there?" Jon asked. He paused, thinking for a moment. "I guess we could fly down there. But I'm not sure I can get a plane ticket."

"Jon," Santa said, putting his hand on his shoulder. "Have you forgotten about my sleigh? We can be there in no time flat."

"You mean your sleigh and flying reindeer are real too?"

"You betcha," Santa said. "Now, are you all set to leave? Because we can go right now if you want." He pointed out the window and Jon saw a sleigh and eight reindeer (Rudolph wasn't there) waiting on his front lawn. He couldn't believe it. They were actually real. He began to wonder what else could be real.

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