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6. The swaps don't stop

5. Ultimate Swapping Machine

4. Leonard's invention

3. Next Door

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

Ultimate Swapper: Playing Along

on 2020-05-23 12:50:27

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Jon realized he wasn't in a position to really do anything about Leonard or his swapping machine yet. His knees wobbled again.

"Ok Leonard, fine. Just... help me out here, these things are gonna break my ankles!"

Leonard rolled his eyes. "OK, fine," he fiddled with his phone for a second. Jon hoped he'd get his clothes back, or at least his shoes. Instead he felt his posture instantly change. The searing pain in his ankles and knees diminished and suddenly standing in 4-inch heels felt perfectly natural.

"Holy cow, what did you swap?" he asked Leonard.

"I swapped your knowledge and muscle memory about shoes. 'Allie' certainly isn't using it right now," he grinned as he gestured to the TV, where Rick-as-Allie was still delivering the newscast in Jon's clothes.

Jon took a couple of tentative steps - heel to toe. As he did so, he didn't wobble one bit. He felt perfectly balanced, even graceful, his narrow hips swaying slightly with each step. The movement suddenly triggered a strangely familiar new memory: practicing his "pageant walk" over and over, to make sure he could move perfectly in heels. He'd never been in a beauty pageant but now he realized how important it was to be able to make walking in heels look effortless, especially on stage! And looking at the shoes he realized something else: he could tell the brand and style just by how they looked and felt on his feet. These were YSL pumps, of course. And they actually felt almost... comfortable.

"Oh my god. Wearing these feels like the most natural thing in the world. You completely messed with my mind Leonard!"

"Well, you said you wanted help. You look much more comfortable right now."

"Yeah but you gave me memories that aren't my own! This is so weird!"

"Well they're your memories now. It's no big deal."

"It is a big deal!" Jon said, stamping one of his stilettoed heels. "I'm standing in your basement dressed like some ditzy TV personality while she thinks she's Rick Morgan, and Rick thinks he's Allie Swenson, but thinks its perfectly normal to be wearing the clothes of a guy in high school!"

"Wow you summed it up nicely. Things do look a little out of place though. Let's adjust that." Leonard started messing with his phone again.

Jon felt immediately blinded by a bunch of bright lights in his face. He blinked several times to regain his vision. As he did so he heard a man's voice beside him.

"That's right Allie. Thanks for joining us. I'm Rick Morgan, signing off."

Jon's eyes finally adjusted to the brightness and he could see a large camera pointed right at him. He was seated behind a desk. Looking down, he realized he was still wearing Allie's dress. He was in the TV studio! He was exactly where Allie had been sitting... that meant...

"Great show, Allie," Rick said as he turned to face Jon. "And that's a lovely dress, by the way," he said with a handsome grin.

Jon gulped. He was in Allie Swenson's life!

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