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21. To the Cafeteria

20. Daring Escape (Alternate)

19. Sissy Curse: Womanly Figure

18. Asking for Help

17. Sissy Curse: Gym Class

16. Getting Changed

15. Gym Class

14. Jon's new...

13. After class

12. Class with Sarah

11. Walk Like a Lady

10. Time for School

9. Sissy Curse: Lips

8. Finding Karyn

7. Hair Styling

6. The Sissy Curse.

5. A Sister's Curse

4. The next morning

3. My Sister the Witch

2. A wish for something interesti

Sissy Curse: Cafeteria

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Jon rubbed his stomach as it growled, he had to go get something to eat. He quickly started walking to the cafeteria, making sure to use the feminine walk he was taught, just in case someone spotted him. It was a good few minutes before he reached his destination. Thankfully, he hadn't run into anyone along the way. He entered the cafeteria and was immediately grabbed by the wrist.

"There you are Jon!"

The voice definitely belonged to a girl. Jon looked and saw that his next 'teacher', torturer, whatever you wanted to call it, was Amber Levine, one of Sarah's friends, and thankfully, one of the nicer cheerleaders. He quickly tried to avoid a punishment.

"It's Jenna now, actually." He replied.

"Oh, right." Amber said, her eyes showing a faint pink flicker, "It's my turn to help you now, but there is one little thing." She smiled.

"What is it?" Jon asked, a little nervous.

"Your lipstick needs a touch-up. You don't have any on hand though, do you?" Amber replied.

"No, Sarah was the one that put it on me and she never gave me the tube." Jon replied.

"I see. Well we'll be sitting at the same table as her, so let's get something for you to eat." Amber replied. "It'll just be the three of us though, the other girls on the squad are in the other lunch period. Jon breathed a sigh of relief. At least he wasn't going to have to deal with a full squad of cheerleaders passing him around to each other.

Amber stood with Jon and picked his food out for him. While he'd have rather gone with one of the burgers that was available, Amber had picked out a chicken salad for him. Soon enough, they were sat down, Sarah grinning at Jon.

"Need a touch-up, huh?" Sarah smirked, pulling the lipstick tube out of her purse and passing it to Amber.

"Come on Sarah, be nice. It's my turn." Amber replied. "Besides, she's been good for a little while now. You were the last one to give her a Sissy Rule."

Jon felt a little awkward hearing them referring to him as 'she' and 'her'. Stupid curse.

"Yeah, but she did try to ditch one of her teachers, didn't she?." Sarah replied, glancing at Jon. "Better check her rules. Gotta make sure they're up to date."

"Good point" Amber replied. She turned to Jon. "Jenna, show me your rules." Sarah snickered a little.

"Yeah Jenna. Give them to her." She giggled.

Jon, not really having much of a choice, pulled the notebook out of his bag and handed it to Amber. She looked through the list. She pulled out a pen and got Jon to update the list.

  1. Behave and I become a girl. Misbehave and I become a sissy.
  2. I must keep my hair styled and presentable at all times. - SISSY RULE
  3. If I'm around other people, I need to be wearing lipstick. - SISSY RULE
  4. I must walk like a lady at all times.
  5. I am not allowed to wear men's shirts.
  6. My name is Jenna, not Jon. I must also use female pronouns. I must correct people who use the wrong name or pronouns when talking to me.
  7. I must wear a bra at all times.
  8. My bra must be filled at all times.
  9. I must use the girl's bathroom when considered a girl, and the boy's bathroom when considered a sissy.

Once she had the full list, she showed Sarah.

"Four new rules since I last looked." Sarah replied. "I was the one that turned the lipstick rule into a Sissy Rule. No idea who did the hair one. Come on Jenna, who flipped that one?"

"Come on Jenna, tell us." Amber agreed.

Jon felt his resistance fade briefly as he answered. "Karyn Black changed that one."

"Well, ditching one of your teachers aside, I don't think you've broken any rules since Sarah gave you a Sissy Rule, so I think we can flip that one back. Sound good Sarah?"

Sarah looked at Amber, signalling she was on the fence about it. "I say leave it till the end of the day. She needs practice maintaining her Lipstick now."

"Good idea." Amber replied. "OK Jenna, here's a quick test."

She pulled a cloth and a compact mirror out of her purse and passed them to Jon, along with the lipstick from Sarah. "All you have to do is apply a fresh coat of lipstick."

Jon picked up the mirror and the cloth.

"That's only needed if you make a big mistake Jenna. Just put the lipstick on over the top of what's already there." Amber said.

"Maybe she needs a motivator." Sarah smirked. "How about this? Three chances to do the job right. Fail them all and Amber gets to pick a new rule to flip. Sound good to you?"

"Ooh, that might work." Amber agreed, a little excited. "Three chances Jenna, fail and you'll be one step closer to being a Sissy."

Jon gulped, Sarah was the one that put the pink lipstick on him. The last time he'd been the one putting lipstick on was with Karyn's advice before they got to school. This time though, he wasn't getting guided through it. Even then, all he was doing was trying to avoid a new Sissy Rule. Amber was going to add a new rule, regardless of how he did.

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