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20. Daring Escape (Alternate)

19. Sissy Curse: Womanly Figure

18. Asking for Help

17. Sissy Curse: Gym Class

16. Getting Changed

15. Gym Class

14. Jon's new...

13. After class

12. Class with Sarah

11. Walk Like a Lady

10. Time for School

9. Sissy Curse: Lips

8. Finding Karyn

7. Hair Styling

6. The Sissy Curse.

5. A Sister's Curse

4. The next morning

3. My Sister the Witch

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

Sissy Curse: Failed Escape

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There were two boys that had just entered the room, meaning Jon had run into them.

"Nice outfit." One of them smirked, before his eyes flickered pink. "You shouldn't be in here though. This is the Boy's Bathroom. You're not a boy anymore, are you, Jenna?"

Jon went a little pale. Apparently the spell worked on guys too.

"So, tell us. Are you in the right bathroom?"

Jon hesitated. If he said yes, then he'd probably go from being a girl according to the spell to being a sissy, and he was pretty sure that would make any future changes be even more embarrassing. If he said no however, he had no idea what would happen. Still, he had to take the risk.

"...No. I'm not in the right bathroom." He replied, dejectedly.

"Well then, we'll have to make sure you don't make this mistake again. Don't we Luke?" The first boy said, still smirking.

"Yeah Chris. We gotta." Luke replied.

"Then it's simple. Jenna, your new rule is that you must use the girl's bathroom if you're considered a girl, and the boy's bathroom if you're considered a Sissy. Got it?" Chris grinned. "We'll give you a little leeway though. Come on Luke."

Before Jon could react, Chris and Luke had grabbed him by the arms and moved him out of the bathroom, putting him into the hall.

"And the new rule starts... now." Chris said, shutting the door again.

Jon looked around, worried. He was thankful that it was his lunch period right now, but he was hungry and he hadn't brought any food with him. He figured that staying inside the school could lessen the scope of the changes. Now that he knew men could make their own changes, it meant that he would actually be safer in the school, too.

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