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12. Tim chooses

11. Next up... Sarah and Maddie

10. David's First

9. May is pissed


7. A trap door

6. Later

5. Getting Settled

4. Team Meeting

3. Wilderness Camp

2. Camp Yuthokeca

1. The Drafting Board

Tim Clears up his Mind

on 2020-04-05 15:35:36

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"You did think of something by now right Tim?" May questioned.

"Yeaaaa.... of course I figured I could lose my.... uhhhhhh" Tim stuttered trying to buy time. "I mean I know what to choose but I was curious what you had in mind."

"Righhhht.... well I figured if you couldn't figure it out I figured i'd just take your eyesight."

"Whaaa You can do that?!!!"

"As far as I can tell sure. I mean I wouldn't leave you blind but I'm farsighted" May said pointing to her glasses. "Figured it'd nice to not need them for a bit. Also if I got you distance sight as well then maybe I'd have eyes like a hawk. I'd be real neat to read things from across the room." she mused.

"Yyyyea.. well to bad cause I got a different idea." Tim bluffed. He needed to come up with a different idea quick but everything that came to mind..... uhhh they all seemed so poor. "God I wish I wasn't so indecisive." he muttered. 'Wait! that's it' he thought. "Can that thing drain mental traits?"

"I don't know? But I don't see why not." May answered thoughtfully. "Either way It'd be worth a shot. What did you have in mind, or out of it."

"Here I'll try putting it in. I think I figured how the commands work after watching you a few times." Tim said clacking away at the keyboard. "And I think that should do it. I mean not like its gonna fry my brain or anything" he nervously chuckled as he stepped into the pod and sealed himself in. 'Oh god that could totally happen what am I doing' he thought to him self as the machine whirred to life. Even though this was his first time in the machine he could tell it was different than the others as he saw sparks fly in front of his face. Forcing him to close his eyes. He felt his head swimming with shocks almost as if he could feel the activity in his brain. It was firing on all cylinders but then a strange sensation began almost like someone had stuck a straw in his head and now started to suck up his thoughts. He was frightened and didn't know what to do, '*should try to get them to stop it, or just wait it out? What if there is another button in here should I look for that? Why did I do this? Am I crazy? Am I going to die?" so many questions and choices filling his head!!! ....... and one by one they seemed to flicker away. Just sucked out of his mind. Quickly as it begun it stopped. The static died down and the pod opened leaving Tim a little dizzy in the middle.

"How do you feel Tim? Did it work?" Jenny asked him.

"Dizzy, but otherwise fine." he responded matter-of-factly. "Defiantly felt like part of my mind was getting sucked out. Where's the bottle."

"Right here. Its way different than David's height." May responded holding a vial of liquid. It was green... no blue.... now red! The vial just kept changing colors every second shifting from one color to another.

"It can't even decide what color it is, that's my indecisiveness for sure." Tim remarked.

"Wait so what happens to you now?" Maddie questioned.

"Hopefully I'll be able to make up my mind on things. Be more direct. But the real question is who's drinking it?"

"What?!?" Sarah protested "No Way! Getting some height is one thing but who knows whats gonna happen to whoever drinks that thing. I don't wanna be a nervous wreck for a day."

"Well someone's got to do it right May?" Tim said, "For science?"

"Right of course.... for Science...."

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