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7. A trap door

6. Later

5. Getting Settled

4. Team Meeting

3. Wilderness Camp

2. Camp Yuthokeca

1. The Drafting Board

Jenny gets Bigger

on 2020-04-01 01:55:56

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SECOND SUBJECT ACCEPTED. . . COMMENCING TRANSFER a mechanical voice boomed into the room.

"Guys this isn't funny let me out of here!" Jenny angrily said as her sister approached the pod.

"We didn't touch anything what did you touch?" Maddie asked. "There's got to be some off switch, or a command! Tim what does the screen say?"

"It just says 'transfer beginning in 3......2' I think its a countdown. It wont let me input any commands." Tim shouted back. "We didn't do it there has to be a emergency stop somewhere. Jenny check in your pod."

"There's nothing else in here except for me that button I pressed isn't even here anymore." she said in a panicked voice. "Maddie what's happening?"

"It's ok we'll fix this somehow. A plug lets pull the plug!" she tried to assure her sister as she looked around the pod.

"Might be a bit late for that." Sarah remarked as the voice continued.

1.....Transfer Beginning!

Sparks began to spring out around the pod as they illuminated Jenny. She winced in fear but only felt a tingle of static come across her skin.

Slowly the sensation began to focus on her chest as a pressure built there

She felt as if a force was pushing forward from her chest into her breast trying to get out, no needing to get out. She closed her eyes as the sensation only grew

Right as she felt she was about to burst the sensation subsided and the static slowly left her body as she sighed in relief

The hum of electricity wound down in the room as suddenly the pod door opened. Jenny tried to take a breath only to find she was surrounded by smoke and she coughed as it billowed out of the pod. "Oh god what was that? It felt like my chest was going to burst." The smoke finished billowing out from behind her and she looked out at the group who were all staring at her slack jawed.

"What is there something wrong?"

"Sis don't freak out but I'd look down real quick"

"What is there something wrong with my feet?... WWWWHAT THE HELL! What's on my chest get it off!" she shrieked as she frantically swatted at her chest. Only when she did she was met with shock as she she felt her breast getting smacked. Suprised she raised her hands up to her chest and felt them both confirming her fear. Somehow she had grown multiple cup sizes in an instant. to the point where it was difficult for her to see her shoes. Her shirt had been streched out and her bra was now digging into both her shoulders and chest. "Guys why do I have huge tits now?"

"I can answer that one."

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