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5. Getting Settled

4. Team Meeting

3. Wilderness Camp

2. Camp Yuthokeca

1. The Drafting Board

Home Sweet Home

on 2020-03-31 22:46:40

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'You have got to be fucking kidding me' Tim thought to himself as he saw the size of the cabin he would be staying in for the summer. He didn't know what he expected but his garage was bigger than this place. Sure it was for 2 cars but come on.

"I am not gonna fit in here..." David said as he approached the cabin.

"Oh don't be so dramatic little brother. All your gonna do is sleep in here." Sarah teased.

"That's the right attitude Sarah. Besides some nights you won't even have to sleep there cause we'll be out under the stars camping. Now girls your room is on the left and boys your's is on the right. I'm sure you can figure it out from here. I'll just leave these out for you and lets meet up at dinner at 5:30 in the mess hall." May said as she placed the spray cans on the porch and walked off towards the restrooms. All the teenagers looked at each other then at the cabin before starting to push each other to get in the cabin first.

"First one in gets to choose the bed!" Sarah shouted as she squeezed in the cabin first and dashed for the girls door.

"No fair we were the first ones to the camp we should get to choose the bed." Jenny whined as she tried to stop her from opening the door.

"We men can handle this with civility right?" David said to Tim as the girls continued to fight at their door.

"Yes, yes of course. After you my good man." Tim said as he opened the door for David with a bow and followed him in. What he saw put a pit in his stomach. "Its a bunk. A fucking bunk!"

"Top!" David quickly said as he jumped up the bed without use of the ladder.

"NO!! What happened to being civil!" Tim complained. He was not going to spend his summer on the bottom bunk in a small room big enough to barely fit a car.

"Sorry bro that shit goes out the window when the bunk came into play. Old school rules are in effect. Maybe we can switch at some point this summer but for now I called it." David said checking for service on top his bed.

'FUCKFUCKFUCK!!!!!' Tim screamed internally.

Meanwhile the girls had finally gotten into their room to be met with three individual beds. Well beds was a generous word more like cots.

"Not middle!" both Jenny and Maddie exclaimed before heading to opposite ends of the room.

"What! No fair I was the first one in the room!" whined Sarah.

"Idk what you call what we just did but you being first was not the outcome. Don't worry you're the closest to the door." Maddie said.

"I'm 2 steps away from it!"

"And we're 3." Jenny chimed in as she started to move her bags over to her side of the room.

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