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4. Team Meeting

3. Wilderness Camp

2. Camp Yuthokeca

1. The Drafting Board

Meeting May

on 2020-03-31 22:06:42

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"Assuming you're Tim that's everyone on my list." A college aged woman said as Tim approached. She had dark hair arranged in a bun with glasses. If Tim had to describe her in one word it was thicc. She had large breasts and he guessed a back to match as well. He couldn't tell for sure since she appeared to be wearing a lab coat and in general wasn't dressed all to appropriately for the outdoors. In fact Tim wouldn't have pegged her for an outdoorsy type.

'Oh well there's probably a reason for it.' he dismissed as he plopped his bags down with the rest of the groups. "Yup that's me."

"Great now that your all here lets get to know each other real quick. I'm May and I'll be your team leader while you're here. I'm a full time student working on my masters in Biology but I have the lucky opportunity to be here for the summer. Lets go around the circle." May explained quickly. After each person introduced themselves she started up again. "Well here at Camp Yuthokeca you're all gonna be living in the same team cabin. Don't worry there's 2 bedrooms and a main room the larger bed room will be for the 3 girls and the smaller one will be for the 2 boys I'm sure you guys will figure that one out. We got plenty of things planned out on the docket to do over your time here but as you know its a pretty long time so there is plenty of down time in between. Don't worry there's plenty of stuff to do around here from swimming in the lake to small trails surrounding the camp. When it comes to the main premisise you can walk un-accompanied freely. If you want to go out exploring the trails you need to speak to me so I know and you are gonna need to take a buddy with you. Depending on the day you need to be back at your cabin for meeting or for sure by midnight. If I check up on ya'll and your not in bed then your all in deep shit, not just the person who isn't there so I recommend you keep an eye on each other. Lastly each team is assigned a job to help out around camp ours is two fold but we'll be done with one of them after today. First we are in charge of finding firewood for the campfire most nights. We can either get alot at once or just do it everyday thats up to you guys. Second we need to go around and mark all the poison Ivy growing so people don't go stepping in it accidentally. Now that the boring stuff is out of the way lets get you to your new home. But first any questions?"

Team 5

"Yea whats poison ivy look like, and how are we supposed to mark it?" Tim asked

"Oh that's easy I can show ya when we find some." Jenny piped up. "But yea how do you want us to mark it?"

"With these cans of spray paint." May said as she waved a couple cans at them. "You guys are gonna be the only ones with it so we're gonna know if you do something stupid with it.

"Yea... how much wood are we gonna need?" Maddie asked. She was annoyed that there were gonna be additional chores on top of having to look after her sister. At least the group didn't seem so bad. Tim didn't seem like he wanted to be here either so he might be a problem but that David kid was kinda cute. "Also how big is this place marking all of it seems like its gonna take a while."

"Don't worry to much about it it's easy enough to find firewood around here. Also it might take you guys a sec but don't worry outside of getting you settle in at the cabin there is plenty of time since you all got here early. Though you did remind me the only place you don't need to mark is out past the northern bathrooms on the far side of camp. It's only us and another cabin over there even though most areas have 3. The third cabin is behind the toilets and got condemned a long time ago and we aren't supposed to have anyone back there." May explained.

"What does condemned mean? What happened?" Jenny asked with a hint of excitement.

"Its roof started rotting away and the owners figured there were more problems with it than its worth and just closed it off. The forest has already started claiming that place back so just leave it alone. I'm serious DO NOT MESS WITH IT you guys will get in trouble and I'll get in trouble. Any way lets carry all this stuff off to the cabin. Follow me!" May said changing back into her usual tone and walking off. The group gathered their things and trotted off after her.

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