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3. Wilderness Camp

2. Camp Yuthokeca

1. The Drafting Board

Team 5

on 2020-03-31 20:17:54

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Sarah and David


"YES WE FINALLY MADE IT HERE!" Sarah exclaimed. She was a tall girl just a bit shy of 6 feet tall with an athletic build she had gained from her years of playing soccer. She was 17 with long dark hair and tanned skin and was bouncing from one foot to another with excitement. "How pumped are you right now David?!? I can barely stay still!"


"That's cause you aren't standing still...." David replied unenthusiastically. He was Sarah's twin. Younger twin god forbid she ever let him forget that. He was taller than his sister by a bit clocking in over 6 ft though he hopped to hit another growth spurt soon. His calling was basketball and he was hoping for a few more inches to help him out. The years of playing had left his body in good shape and after picking up weight lifting in the off season he was adding on some muscle mass. He had a skin tone and hair to match his sisters though a significantly shorter cut.

"I don't know how you can't be excited we get to be away from mom and dad for over a whole month. Nothing but the great outdoors and freedom for us."

"I mean we're gonna be out here a long time... practically the whole summer. There isn't even cell service out here we got to use the land line at the staff cabin."

"Phone service? That's what you want? You barely use your phone besides its better this way we don't have to worry about mom calling ever day to check in on us. Besides what were we really gonna do back home all summer besides watch TV and play video games?"

"I don't know hang out with Mark, go to the gym, find a girlfriend..." David said whispering the end under his breath.

"What was that last last one?" Sarah questioned.

"NOTHING! NOTHING! I said you're right! Come on we don't want to be late for check in." he said hurriedly as he grabbed his bags and started walking to the check in desk.

Jenny and Maddie

Jenny and Maddie

"Come on sis lets go check in now I got all my stuff." an energetic redhead pestered. Jenny was 16 and was beating 5 feet tall by a few inches. Though in her small frame was a years worth of excitement ready to burst out and the only thing holding it back was that book her sister was reading. "Come on Maddie you're gonna have all Summer to read that dumb book I don't wanna miss anything."

"If I wasn't here you would be missing everything. The sooner you let me finish this chapter the sooner we go check in." the dark haired bespectacled girl replied. She was right of course, on both accounts. Maddie had been wanting to go to this wilderness camp ever since she learned about it after summer last year. She had it in her head that she was gonna be an adventurer despite the fact that the world had already been discovered. Her parents had told her she could go as long as Maddie agreed to go as well. 'Oh the joys of being the older sibling' she thought. She foolishly agreed last fall assuming that Jenny would get over it by summer and in the mean time she could hold it over her head for some preferential treatment. That part had worked. Jenny had been the nicest she's ever been to her in her life. She didn't even tease her about how her chest was larger than Maddies now despite being 18 months younger. 'She gets moms looks and I get dads glasses' she lamented. She finished her chapter put in the bookmark and slowly stood up and followed her sister to the check in table "Oh well they're gonna owe me big for this one."



"This is bullshit" Tim muttered to himself. Wilderness camp? Fucking Wilderness camp!?!? He had just turned 17 no more than a week ago and this was his dads sick sense of a birthday gift. "Just another plan to 'Make a man" out of him." He'd heard it for years now. "Play sports, go outside, build something, build character."- he said imitating his father. 'Not my fault I'm not 6 feet tall like you dad' and he wasn't, far from it in fact. Tim was barely pushing 5 foot and despite how many times his mother said he'd hit a growth spurt he was starting to think it may never come. He'd been the runt in his class all his life and because of this spent more time online or in robotics club than on the field much to his fathers disappointment. This was to far though! Out of all the crazy ideas his dad had sending him away for over a month to Wilderness camp was the worst one so far. What was next military academy?!?!? Well nothing to do now but sign in he thought as he approached the check in table. "Hi, Tim Medows checking in." he told the woman behind the counter.

"Hello Tim, I'm head councilor Lana!" a tall blonde haired woman greeted him.

'She's pretty good looking' Tim thought to himself.

"Excellent your group is group 5. You're all meeting over in front of the mess hall in fact I think you are the last one here so you guys get to get started early. Lucky you! You team leader is May have fun!" she cheerfully said as she waved him along.

"Yup lucky me"

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