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2. Camp Yuthokeca

1. The Drafting Board

Camp Yuthokeca

on 2020-03-31 18:42:58

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There are many places scattered across the world where strange happenings occur. Where sounds are heard that can't seem to be explained by just the wind. Where lights appear despite any reason and just as quickly vanish. Figures resembling those who have passed walking amongst the land once more.Even objects flying in the sky with an un-earthly look to them. Yet despite the inability for most people to explain these occurrences there is always a reason for their existence, and they do exist, regardless of if we can comprehend them or not.

But we don't have time to decipher the laws of the universe right now. Instead we will focus on one location where an abnormal situation is about to arise again. In the far off location of the Mid-West there lies "Camp Yuthokeca" a camp that gets used for a variety of events from a children's summer camp to work retreats for team building exercises from tech companies. Yet despite the background of the campers and staff most will tell you that despite enjoying their time and the location, there's something off about the campsite. Though despite this there has never been an official report of anything wrong ever happening outside of the occasional incident here or there or run in with the local wildlife. This hasn't stopped campers from creating their own tales about a tragedy or curse that has been placed on certain parts of the camp. Tales involving children who got lost in the woods never to be seen again, or how a lost cabin was once built on an ancient Sioux burial site only to burn to the ground. All dismissed as nonsense by most people and no curses have extended beyond tripping on ones shoelace. However the newest batch of campers are about to discover the real reason Yuthokeca has caused so many tales to be spun about it, and that some may well be true.

Lets meet our campers!

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