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3. Tom

2. A Change Of Skin

1. The Drafting Board


on 2020-03-30 22:58:02

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Dan decided that he'd test it on his roommate Tom. Dan waited about an hour until Tom normally came home. And when he heard Tom open the door, he grabbed his little toy gun and 'shot' it at him. There was no noise or light, but as soon as he pulled the trigger, Tom instantly collapsed.

Dan ran out to the hallway to see what had happened to him. It looked like Tom had been turned into nothing but and empty skin. He picked up the costumified Tom and took it to his room. He inspected to costume and saw that there was a small zipper on the back but that was it.

He decided to try it on. He put his legs through the zipper and it strangely fit him perfectly. He pulled on the rest of the costume and did up the zipper. As soon as the zipper was fully done up. He felt a little electric shock and suddenly his senses completely switched over to his new form. He could feel everything as if this was his normal body!

He ran over to the bathroom mirror and checked out his new body. He looked at his reflection and it looked exactly like Tom. Dan was a little bigger than Tom but he looked still identical. He looked at his back and to his surprise saw no zipper there. He panicked a little and tried to feel for it. Andd luckily enough, as soon as he reached for it it suddenly appeared.

Relieved, Dan unzipped the suit,, and it slipped off just as easily as it went on. He put Tom's skin back where he collapsed and he switched the gun to the 'return' mode. He shot Tom's skin and he was suddenly standing up and didn't seem to notice anything was different.

Back in his room, Dan started planning on what he was gonna do with his new 'toy'.

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