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2. A Change Of Skin

1. The Drafting Board

A Change Of Skin

on 2020-03-30 21:48:41

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Daniel Adams was just a normal college student. He did okay in most of his classes, went to parties from time to time, and had a roommate named Tom.

He had just come home from class when he heard a knock on the door. He opened it but didn't see anyone there. He looked down and saw a small package dressed to him.

"Huh, I haven't ordered anything recently." He thought to himself. "I wonder what this is..."

He took it to his room and opened the box. Inside was a small toy gun and a little booklet.

To Daniel Adams:

You have been specially selected by our computer algorithm to test our new device, dubbed 'The Costume Gun'. It has been safety tested so you need have no worries about your well-being.


Helix Technology Co.

There was a booklet with instructions, and he read it through thoroughly.

"According to this, it says I can turn any person I want into a 'costume' just by pointing this gun at them and pulling the trigger. Then I can wear it to essentially steal their body. I've gotta try this out. But on who?"

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