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85. Nadine and Bethany Wake From T

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Musical Closets Variation: Nadine and Bethany Wake From Their Trances

on 2020-03-30 17:16:41

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Nadine blinked, then got very confused. Where was she? She looked around at the bedroom she found herself in. She didn't know where she was, but the bedroom clearly belonged to a man, possibly a middle-aged one. There was no indication that he shared the bedroom with anyone, so she assumed that the man was single. But her confusion only increased when she saw what she was wearing - a nice suit, collared white shirt, slacks, tie, and loafers. It was office-wear for a man. But why was she wearing it? Spotting her own clothes in a discarded pile on the floor, she proceeded to take the man's clothing off, gasping when she found out that she was also wearing the man's underwear! A pair of boxer shorts and that was all. She wasn't even wearing her bra! Quickly, she took the underwear off and tossed it aside, hoping it was at least clean, then donned her own clothing.

Now dressed properly, Nadine decided to investigate where she was. And that was when she spotted a framed photo, showing Simon Davison, the principal of the high school. This was his bedroom? Why would she be here? How could she be here? The last thing she remembered was being in class. Then she was here. She momentarily thought that maybe she was possessed. Growing up in the church, she knew that that was a possibility ... but what would be the point? She wasn't being forced to do something evil, as far as she knew. No, something else was going on, but what?


Around the same time Nadine "woke up", Bethany did the same. She blinked, then was overwhelmed with loud thumping music. Looking around, she appeared to be in some sort of changing room. But it wasn't one from the mall, the last place she remembered being. This was more like ...

"Excuse me, but who are you?" a woman asked.

Bethany spun around, her eyes wide. This woman's outfit was far too revealing.

"You can't be back here. How did you even get past ... hey, what the hell are you wearing? That outfit is only for the strippers."


Bethany looked down and almost fainted at what she saw. She was wearing a sexy nurse's outfit. Which was ironic, considering that she really was a nurse. But why was she wearing it? Why was she in a strip club? What was going on?!

Frantic, she grabbed a pile of clothing on the floor that looked like it belonged to her, then rushed out of the room. She didn't even take off the stripper outfit.

"Hey! Come back here!" the stripper woman yelled.

She ran all the way out to the parking lot, then turned around to see where she was. The Pussy Kat Klub, the sign said. Generally, strip clubs were only open at night, but the owner (Larry Vaughn) liked to open in the late morning, knowing that he'd be able to attract enough customers to make a buck.


The outfit that Bethany had donned when she was in her trance was used by more than one stripper at the club, so just like what happened at the ballet school, the girls locker room, and the clothing store, the magic of the phenomenon chose one of the stripper at random. It just happened to be the one on stage at the moment (her name was Sugar Sweets, a 25-year old). She had just pulled off her top, baring her breasts, when she suddenly stopped and walked off the stage, but not in a very sexy manner. Then she just walked out of the club, wearing nothing but bikini bottoms and a pair of stripper heels. No one paid it much mind. They just brought out another stripper on stage to replace her.

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