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50. The Free Lunch

49. Lunchtime on Day 2

48. The Dreams of Lauren Rodriguez

47. Intervention

46. Lonna wakes up.

45. Lauren arrives at school

44. Lauren’s new routine

43. Lonna’s morning

42. The Dreams of Lonna Tran

41. The Rest of the Evening

40. Home for the evening.

39. On her own for the evening.

38. The Drive to their new homes

37. Meanwhile outside in the corri

36. Back in the classroom that had

35. Lonna goes to speak to Lauren

34. The end of the school day.

33. A Moment of reflection

32. Not knowing what to do

31. Falling deeper

The Switching Stone: The Free Lunch

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Lauren and Mary reached the café a short distance from the school about fifteen minutes later. All the way there Mary hadn’t said much to Lauren leaving her a little worried as to what Mary wanted from her to repay her for the lunch.

“Okay Mary out with it,” Lauren asked her after they had got their lunches and were heading back to the school. “Well,” Mary said looking a little red-faced. “My brother is in town tonight and was looking for someone to take out to dinner who is not his sister. He has had a tough time of it lately and was looking for someone to chat with and … I sorted of suggested that you two go out for a meal tonight.” Mary finished saying looking more and more red-faced as she continued with what she was saying.

“So, let me get this right”. Lauren answered her friend (No teacher, she needed to get to her own life before she lost herself completely). “You have set me up with on a blind date with your brother?” Lauren asked Mary. “Well, you could put it like that.” Mary Replied. “Which brother? Not John I hope.” Lauren asked

“No John got married last year. It's my little brother Terry. He has been away working traveling the country setting up new an IT system for this big company and while he was away, he found out that his girlfriend had been cheating on him. He took it pretty badly, but it’s been a few months since then and I thought he would enjoy a night out with a friend.” Mary told the young woman who she saw as her friend. “So, when was this night out supposed to happen?” Lauren asked.

“Well, he is going away again for a week on Thursday. So, I thought tonight would be a good idea. I can even get a table at Joseph's tonight if you said yes.” Mary answered Lauren trying not to look too embarrassed. “Mary you could have at least given me a day or two to think about it,” Lauren told her friend as they reached the gates of the school.

“I know but I am sure you two will enjoy each other's company and you have wanted to go to Joseph’s ever since it opened last month,” Mary replied. “So, what do you say? Will you go to dinner with him tonight or do I need to call my baby brother and tell him that tonight is off?”

“That is not fair Mary.” Was Laurens’ answer. “I know but he is my brother. So, what do you say about it?”

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