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51. Lilly and Tiffany Get Surprise

50. Linda Has to Go to Work, Right

49. Musical Closet Variation: Lind

48. Linda is Much More Athletic

47. Mikey and Zoe, and Stephanie P

46. Mikey Meets Stephanie and Zoe

45. Stephanie is Jon's Friend Now,

44. Changing

43. Mikey Wears Tiffany Sanders' C

42. Hunting for Mikey

41. Athena is At a Girls Ballet St

40. Unchained Melody

39. Athena Starts Off a Second Cha

38. Resistance

37. Zelda Whitefield's Bedroom

36. Growing Pains

35. There's Only a Little Bit of G

34. Stephanie and Zoe

33. Speaking of Sarah ...

32. Increased Scrutiny

Musical Closet Variation: Tiffany and Lilly Get Surprised

on 2020-03-23 18:19:21

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Lilly Ross, because of more unintended side effects, was heading to yet another locker room. When she came to, she found herself in the locker room at the local high school, reaching in and pulling out a set of clothes. She suddenly blinked, and was trying to figure out where she was when a teenager came round the corner. "What are you doing in here?"

She wasn't the only one being confronted. Tiffany found herself in a stranger's bedroom. She whirled around, trying to figure out where she was when an adult nearly walked right into her. Both were equally surprised.

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