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2. Clonotron 2000

1. The Drafting Board

Clonotron 2000

on 2020-03-07 13:13:53

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(Note: reposting this here from episodes I added at the BE Addventure. I guess it's pretty similar to the Leonard's Invention arc I've been adding to, but this is maybe a little more open-ended)

It was an odd thing to see sitting in the middle of the sidewalk. It looked like an ordinary but advanced TV remote, with a few buttons and a small touchscreen near the top. A folded sheet of paper was strapped to the remote with a rubber band. The passing stranger, their curiosity piqued, picked up the device and unfolded the note:

Greetings, lucky customer! You may have seen other so-called "universal" remotes, that claim to bend every aspect of reality to your will. But who really needs such unchecked power? Especially with endless, convoluted control schemes and inscrutable button layouts! That's why Clonus Labs is proud to present its latest creation: The Clonotron 2000!

The Clonotron 2000 is a simple device with endless possibilities! Simply aim the remote at another person, and with a few simple keystrokes on the touchscreen, make them more like you in countless different ways! You can make someone think like you, look like you, or go all-out for a full mind-and-body copy! And our patented RealityField technology allows the changes to seem perfectly normal to all but the user. Of course, the "Awareness" toggle allows you to clue in anybody else to the changes as needed.

Copy a little, or a lot! Make changes in an instant, or adjust the timer and enjoy watching a gradual change for up to seven (7) days! And our handy "Undo" features allows you to reverse things in a flash!

If you need a business partner to start seeing things your way, if you need a few extra hands around the house, or if you're just looking for a little fun, The Clonotron 2000 is for you!

WARNING: Clonus Labs is not responsible for quantum reality disruptions, life-role confusion, or logic breakdowns experienced by users or subjects. Keep out of reach of children. Only functions on human beings. Do not attempt to disassemble or alter the device's hardware or firmware functionality, as this could lead to catastrophic consequences, and may void your warranty and reality

The person who found the remote stifled a laugh. Making clones? Ridiculous! But if it really was real...

Who found the remote?

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